Building an Enterprise Sales Team
Don’t believe anyone who tells you that building a sales team is an art. Sure, each situation is different, but I’ve seen enough companies do it that I can safely say it’s a science. Here are some tips.
Doug Leone
Getting to No: The Key to Startup Selling
Early on, we adopted a sales approach where the goal is moving a sale forward or getting a firm “no” as early in the process as possible. This saved us time, taught us valuable lessons about our company and stopped us from making compromises that weren’t in our long-term interest. The key is being persistent, even to the point where it’s awkward and uncomfortable.
Founder & CEO
Comprehend Systems
The New Enterprise Sales Rep
Enterprise sales are changing. People are busier than ever and they don’t want to take time out of their day to meet with a sales rep in their office. Fact is, they’d rather be at home with their family than getting wined and dined by someone they don’t know. Here's how to adapt.
Ryan Smith
Founder & CEO

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Crossing the Chasm
We bought this for several employees. It’s really about getting out there, establishing your beach head and then expanding from there. Which we really think is true.
Founder & CEO
Comprehend Systems

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