What Are Your Hiring Criteria?
What are the criteria you use when hiring for your team? Have you written them down?
Alon Salant
Founder & CTO
Good Eggs
Why Startups Should Use Signing Bonuses
The idea of paying people for contributions they haven’t yet made doesn’t fit the startup culture where individual and collective effort holds the promise of outsized future rewards. But judicious use of this tool can help smaller companies close hires who might otherwise join a larger, deeper-pocketed rival--with the added bonuses of saving money over the long term and keeping the existing corporate salary structure in place.
Bret Reckard
Recruit Engineers in Less Time
Got 990 free hours? That’s how long it takes the typical startup to hire 12 engineers. Here are some way to speed things up and a recruiting calculator to help you assess your efforts.
Trial Week: Our Hiring Secret
It’s hard to really know from an interview whether someone is a good fit for your company. Resumés are fairly useless, and interviews are far from perfect. So we’ve come up with a better way to screen potential hires. We have candidates work at Weebly for a week. If things go well, they’re hired.
Co-Founder, CEO, President
Hiring Outside the Valley
We’re based in Provo, Utah, so we draw from a relatively small labor pool and don’t have the luxury of picking from hundreds of experienced executives for every position. We've been pretty successful managing around this disadvantage. Here's what we do.
Ryan Smith
Founder & CEO
Make Non-Obvious Hires
Some of our top-performing employees come from unconventional backgrounds. Especially in the early stages of a startup, there is so much to do that your priority should be hiring the very best people (scrappy, get things done, cultural fit) and then figuring out how to make them fit in your organization later. Here's how I've gone about finding them.
Founder & CEO
Hearsay Social

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