Structuring a Company for Creativity
It’s a fairly common misconception that unleashing creativity requires getting rid of processes and requirements.
Ben Liu
Pocket Gems
Get More from Your Engineering Team
People say you can never hire enough engineers. But that’s wrong: Beyond a certain threshold, additional developers will slow you down. It’s a byproduct of human nature and organizational dynamics, and something I’ve found to be true at the earliest-stage startup and at Google, where I ran a big chunk of engineering for over eight years.
Bill Coughran
Five Tips for Technical Co-Founders
Technical co-founders have a special role within startups and coding shouldn't be part of it. I learned through experience to focus my efforts on recruiting, building a culture, establishing engineering processes among other things.
Rob Cromwell
Founder & VP Engineering
If You Need an EA, It's Already Too Late
In an early-stage startup, it's common wisdom that hiring should be constrained to engineers and designers for as long as possible. But it really ain't so. Founders should make an assistant part of their early team so that they're time is focused on what matters.
Founder & CEO
More Productive Eng Teams
Hiring engineers is one of the biggest challenges facing startups. That means it’s doubly important to keep the ones you have. We’ve learned a few tricks that will help you keep your team productive.
Bill Coughran

Recommended Reading

Managing Humans: Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager
Michael’s worked in engineering at Apple and Palantir, and this book is a compilation of posts from his blog Rands in Repose. It’s chock full of tactical advice on managing people: how to do 1:1s; how to think about comp; etc. It’s not breakthrough research, just really valuable info and tricks from someone who’s managed high-performing engineering teams.
Founder & CTO
Hearsay Social
Scaling Teams and the Fight Against Human Nature

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