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Faasos, Jaydeep Barman

Mu Sigma, Dhiraj Rajaram

Praatap Snacks, Amit Kumat

Prizm, Loney Antony

Quick Heal, Kalish Katkar

Stovekraft, Rajendra Gandhi

Vasan Health Care, AM Arun

The creative spirits. The underdogs. The resolute. The determined. The indefatigable. The defiant. The  outsiders. The independent thinkers. The fighters. The true believers. These are the people who have imagined, started, organized and built Sequoia-backed companies in India –a very diverse set of entrepreneurs – from the 25 year old fresh-out-of-college graduate who has decided to start his/her own company to the 55+ year old experienced professional who has retired as the chairman of a public limited company and then decided to start a company. This diverse set of plucky individuals bring many qualities to the table – passion, ambition, knowledge of their domain, guts and above all - a desire to make a dent in the universe.. We’re ecstatic when they choose Sequoia Capital as their business partner.

India Summit

India Summit

India Summit

We are imbued with people who, over many years, have helped build large market-leading companies and enjoyed the experience so much they decided to join our team. As a result, our partners are able to offer invaluable company-building insights to our portfolio companies; insights that are borne out of actual experience of being around and working with real winners and spectacular long-lasting companies. Our team members have started their own companies, helped large Indian companies access the public markets, mounted major marketing campaigns, helped turn around the fortunes of companies and run the finance function in firms that operate with high margins. We have a full team of portfolio service professionals – experts drawn from the domains of finance, legal, marketing, HR and IT – who have a combined experience of more than 60 years working for and with large Indian and multinational companies. This is the experience we bring to companies when we get into business with them.

Sequoia Capital, Don Valentine

We shield ourselves from distractions. Nobody sits on public company boards where Sequoia Capital does not have a direct interest. We do not take sabbaticals. There are no four-day weeks. Meetings start on time.

We value teamwork over showmanship. There are no names of individuals on our front door or on the top of this website. We are skittish about the use of the first person pronoun or claims of individual bravado because they are not conducive to great teamwork. When a company succeeds it is usually because several people from Sequoia Capital have made significant contributions, not because one person has suddenly become a genius.

Our job is to support founders and management teams and help them build large, market-leading, enduring companies.

Team India

Team India

Team India

Sequoia Capital’s recipe has been formed with our own ingredients and flavored by thousands of experiences. It is different. Most people who know us well like the recipe. A few don’t – but we don’t pretend to be for everybody.. We want to find founders and management teams with ideas and companies where there is the chance for us to be shareholders for ten or fifteen years.

We try to change with the times without getting swept away by hype. We share the sense of confidence and apprehension felt by every successful entrepreneur. We always assume that anything is possible, while simultaneously imagining that others want to put us out of business. We try to stay young at heart and very hungry. And we are always mindful of lessons learned – some painfully – that are eternal truths. Here is a sample:

  • Few people are courageous enough to have conviction
  • Outperformance comes from doing a few things better than others
  • Building a great culture is part of building a great company
  • Believe actions, not words
  • Listening beats talking
  • Capital intensity usually produces nightmares
  • Massive success comes from patience.
  • Focus on what you can change
  • Everything is not core
  • Teams, and gradual improvement of teams, are the secret to long-term success
  • Nothing lasts forever

Neuroscience Research, Gatsby Charitable Foundation

Read India, William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

Read India, William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

Linked Learning, James Irvine Foundation

Maternal Mortality in India, MacArthur Foundation

Healthy Kids, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Plant Science Research, Gatsby Charitable Foundation

Universities & Scholarship Programs

Disaster relief, M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

Nemours Foundation, Alfred I. duPont Trust

We try to pick the investors in Sequoia Capital funds with as much care as we select the companies that we get into business with. We do so because the vast majority of profits flow into their coffers. We refuse to work to make the rich even richer, or for politicized organizations which squander money, or for self-dealers. That makes no sense.

Long ago we made charities the backbone of our client base. This means that the profits from the incredible achievements of the founders can make a massive difference. If Sequoia Capital’s investors had held their stakes in all Sequoia Capital companies since 1981, those would be worth about $50 billion.

Working for these charities brings intense meaning to what we do. It gives us a heightened sense of responsibility. If we make a great investment, it pays for educational scholarships, medical research, after-school programs for the poor, campaigns against obesity, orphanages and scores of other extraordinarily good deeds. Learn more about these Great Causes