October 5-6, 2013 Grand Hyatt, New York City

Students from the top East Coast schools are coming together again for an interactive weekend of tech talks, workshops, and intimate discussion groups with venture-backed founders and engineering leaders. Students will attend educational and networking events on Saturday and startups will pre-screen attendees to hold interviews for full-time positions and/or internships on Sunday. Think of it as an educational crash course on startup technologies and a potential career launchpad.


Drew Houston

Founder & CEO, Dropbox

Drew graduated from MIT and wrote the first lines of code for Dropbox while at a train station in Boston. These days he's usually out and about running Dropbox's business affairs, but he still contributes code to the Dropbox client.

Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan

Founder & CEO, Drawbridge

Kamakshi has extensive experience in adaptation/application of cutting edge academic ideas, statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms to digital advertising problems. She holds a PhD in Information Theory, Statistics, Probability Theory from Stanford and a MS in Electrical Engineering from Boston University.

Dharmesh Shah

Cofounder & CTO, Hubspot

Dharmesh is the co-founder and CTO of HubSpot, the inbound marketing software company. He is a published author and creator of OnStartups.com, a popular startup community with over 290,000 members. Dharmesh holds a BS in CS from UAB and an MS from MIT.

Nathan Blecharczyk

Cofounder & CTO, Airbnb

Nathan is dedicated to building a team of world-class engineers to keep Airbnb at the forefront of the industry. He held several engineering positions with Microsoft, OPNET and Batiq before becoming a co-founder at Airbnb. Nathan holds a degree in Computer Science from Harvard University.

Bob Lee

CTO, Square

Bob is the CTO of Square. He is a hands-on technical leader, engineering everything from DSP algorithms to payments processing infrastructure. Prior to Square, Bob worked at Google, created the Jolt award-winning Guice framework and co-authored the bestselling book “Bitter EJB”.

Roelof Botha

Partner, Sequoia Capital

Roelof is currently a Director of Cue, Eventbrite, Evernote and many other Sequoia companies. Previously, he was Director of YouTube.com, Meebo, Instagram and Tumblr amongst others. Roelof has also served as the Chief Financial Officer of PayPal and has worked at McKinsey. Roelof holds an M.B.A. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Bryan Schreier

Partner, Sequoia Capital

Bryan works with awesome startups like Dropbox, TuneIn and Mindsnacks at Sequoia Capital. Prior to Sequoia, he worked at Google and Morgan Stanley. Bryan holds a BS in Computer Science from Princeton.

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Hear from last year's S@aS attendees

Looking back it's hard to imagine one conference could change so much. I received an offer on the second day, but just as important were the students I met who have become friends and mentors.

Benjamin Vishny Brown University CS-Econ '14

The conference was eye opening for me in a lot of ways! It was a rare and unique opportunity to be able to meet so many of Sequoia's cutting edge portfolio companies.

Raja Ayyagari University of Maryland, Sophomore

I will definitely plan on going to the next Start @ a startup conference because it allowed me to meet with students who shared my passion for the startup world and to get advice from professionals who have already made their mark.

Tsvi Tannin Cornell University, Sophomore

Apply for 2013 Startup Conference

The Start @ a Startup Conference connects East Coast college students with the best startups from around the country. The first ever S@aS was hosted in February 2013 on Princeton University’s campus and was a huge success. The next conference will take place in New York City on October 5 – 6, 2013.