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Executive Briefings: Benefits for Corporate Executives

Sequoia's Executive Briefing Team

Technology moves fast, and companies that don’t look to the future fall behind. A briefing is your chance to tap into Sequoia’s industry experience, meet key players in technology and establish relationships that endure beyond the briefing.

You’ll leave our offices equipped with new intel, a better network, and tech solutions you hadn’t considered before.

What Makes a Sequoia Briefing Different?

  • Personalized connections. Before the briefing, we make sure we understand your needs and objectives. Based on in-depth knowledge, we recommend the companies that are best equipped to help you. From there, we work with you to curate your custom agenda. This is not speed dating, it’s matchmaking.
  • High-touch service. You can spend days sifting through lists of technology companies in search of potential partnerships. Instead, let us do the heavy lifting, drawing on our insider knowledge and Sequoia’s high-caliber portfolio. We host a select number of briefings each year and customize every one of them to meet your unique needs. From intro meetings with selected founders to hearing from our in-house specialists, your time will be well-spent.
  • Ongoing conversations. Your relationship with Sequoia and our vast network does not end with the briefing. We value our corporate relationships and aim to build trust for the long run. As your needs change and new opportunities arise, we’ll continue to introduce you to market-defining companies and partners to help you reach your business goals.

Schedule Your Executive Briefing With Sequoia

If you’re interested in securing a briefing at Sequoia, please email Laura Harding at

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