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Executive Briefings: Benefits for Founders

Sequoia's Executive Briefing Team

We work closely with portfolio companies to ensure executive briefings are commercially relevant to your business. This is a rare opportunity to demo products in an intimate setting and set the stage for potential partnerships with lighthouse customers.

What Makes a Sequoia Briefing Different?

  • Active corporate network. We have thoughtfully grown our corporate network to provide opportunities across the breadth of our portfolio. Our connections span all industries and include decision-makers from the C-suite. We strive to be good stewards in the community by providing our corporate colleagues with sound advice and introductions to the right founders who can help them meet their business goals.
  • Thoughtful matchmaking. We do a lot of work behind the scenes before contacting a founder. We hold in-depth conversations with the corporate team—covering why they wish to meet with you, the problems they’re trying to solve, and a specific use case—to ensure that the briefing will be a good use of your time. A match will only be made if there is a clear benefit to, and interest from, both parties.
  • Fruitful relationships. We help facilitate next steps where appropriate. As we continue to expand our corporate network, we’ll look for additional opportunities to introduce you to key customers.

Executive briefings are available to all companies with whom we partner.

For those interested in partnering with Sequoia, here’s what our investors look for, and you can get to know them here.

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