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MongoDB: Built by Developers for Developers

Roelof Botha on behalf of Sequoia

MongoDB homepage

MongoDB celebrates a major milestone today with their IPO. Congratulations to Dev, Eliot, and the entire MongoDB team for what they’ve accomplished so far. We first met the founders in 2010, and their team, product, and distinctive licensing approach set them apart.

While most people focus on product innovation, MongoDB innovated with its licensing structure and its go-to-market approach. From the outset, MongoDB understood that the rise of the developer fundamentally alters the adoption of modern enterprise technologies. Gone are the days of strictly top-down purchasing decisions. Developers build with the tools they love. MongoDB recognized this: the database was built by developers for developers. MongoDB’s open-source licensing was structured from the beginning both to enable bottom-ups adoption and to retain the ability to build a proprietary software subscription business model.

To future founders everywhere looking to build your companies, learn from MongoDB: don’t just innovate on product, innovate on all fronts. Our congratulations to MongoDB for reaching this milestone!

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