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Ryan Smith

Outsider Insight

Ryan Smith, Founder and CEO of Qualtrics, shares how his father's bout with cancer set them down the path of building a company. Sequoia was the first business partner to support Ryan and the Qualtrics team.

His advice to new founders: Who's stopping you?

About Qualtrics

Fed up with research software, Qualtrics was created in 2002 to run surveys in the cloud as a solution to the bloated and often outsourced research systems prevalent in colleges and business schools. Today, Qualtrics allows organizations to manage the four core experiences of business—customer, product, employee, and brand experiences—on one platform.

What is an Outsider Insight?

If you traced a line through Sequoia’s history from Apple to Airbnb, you’d find a common trait: each founder, partner, and trusted expert in our network possesses something we call an Outsider Insight.

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