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Scaling Your Team

Todd McKinnon

Don’t assume that people who are really good at one thing are also good at something else. This is a mistake that a lot of startups make, in part because you develop a lot of faith in one another. But be careful: Each step in your company’s evolution requires different skills. Don’t trick yourself into thinking that your current team, no matter how great they are, can also do these new things.

You might be the person who came up with the idea for the product, but you aren’t necessarily the best person to build it. And the person who built it probably shouldn’t be marketing the product.

Likewise, there’s definitely someone who is a lot better at sales than you. This person will cost you a lot of money, but you’re probably better off hiring them.

You’re going to go through this again and again. It gets particularly tricky as your company starts to scale and the challenges you face become more complicated and nuanced. Someone who can run a 10-person organization can’t necessarily do it when you reach 50 people.

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