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Sequoia Scouts

Several years ago, as the amount of capital flowing into seed investments expanded, we realized that Sequoia founders and CEOs were in the middle of the maelstrom. Founders would often seek out members of our community for advice on how best to build and finance their nascent businesses. Many Sequoia founders and CEOs would coach and mentor these startups, but often lacked the means to invest because the majority of their assets were locked up in their own entrepreneurial endeavors. In 2009, we created the Sequoia Scout program to resolve this dilemma.

Since then, Scouts have supported over 250 pre-seed and seed stage startups, with checks from $10k-$100k. Scout companies include Stripe, Thumbtack and Uber.

The Scouts are an extraordinary group of startup founders, serial entrepreneurs, operators, engineers and product leaders with whom Sequoia is lucky to work. By empowering this individual investor network we're able, together, to support the startup ecosystem and lay ground for the enduring companies of tomorrow.

If you are a pre-seed or seed technology startup and you'd like to have your company considered by the Scouts, please complete the form below.