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Tools for High-Performing Sales Organizations

Team Sequoia

We’ve collected tools and strategies for high-performing sales organizations. These techniques are drawn from the companies with whom Sequoia has had the honor to partner.

Sales Ready Product

Jim Goetz

Compress your sales cycle, increase productivity, ramp revenue, and start on the path to market leadership with our how-to guide for The Templeton Compression and the Sales Ready Product.

The book unfolds in three chapters: 1. The Sales Learning Curve: Mark Leslie 2. The Templeton Compression and the Sales Learning Curve: Jim Goetz 3. Story Driven Design: James Buckhouse

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14 weeks to hit your number

Carl Eschenbach

Congratulations—you hit your number. Time to relax, right? But before you go on vacation, remember that the moment you finish one quarter, the clock has already started ticking on the next. You have 14 weeks to hit your new number and anything you do that takes away from that time may hurt your performance.

As a sales leader, you must strike the balance between the windshield and the rearview mirror to guide and grow your teams to greater revenue and success.

Carl Eschenbach, Sequoia Partner and former COO of VMWare, teamed up with Clari to articulate FIVE BIG IDEAS for sales and sales ops leaders.*


  1. Be a business partner, not an operator
  2. Maximize selling capacity by reducing friction
  3. Run as efficiently as possible
  4. Simplify to scale
  5. Be strategically tactical

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Building an Enterprise Sales Team

Doug Leone

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that building a sales team is an art. Sure, each situation is different, but we’ve seen enough companies do it that we can safely say it’s a science. Here are some tips from Sequoia partner, Doug Leone.

Build Your Sales Team

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