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NEWS Sequoia China Backed CSD Water Service Successfully Lists in A Share Market

NEWS Sequoia China Backed Winner Technology Successfully Lists in A Share Market

POINT OF VIEW The Exponential Growth and The Globalization

EVENT The First Sequoia Day

"Sequoia Day" is an event that aims to continuously add value to portfolios by addressing their development challenges, and creates a knowledge-sharing platform in China.

NEWS Yale SOM and Sequoia Capital China Launches the Joint Leadership Program

The program aims to develop and groom the next generation of global business leaders.

AWARDS 2016 China Venture - Financial Times China Top Investors

Seven partners of Sequoia Capital China list the award of Top Investors.

NEWS Neil Shen and Sequoia Capital Join Hands with "Super Professors" to Co-founded Hong Kong X

POINT OF VIEW Entrepreneurs Take the Biggest Risks

POINT OF VIEW Four Must-knows for Startup CEOs

POINT OF VIEW Four Pillars for Startup to Become a Great Company

POINT OF VIEW China Opportunities in Enterprise Service Level

EVENT 2016 Workshop at Silicon Valley

Sequoia China together with several portfolio companies had a great conversation with more than 200 Chinese engineers who are now working in Silicon Valley but with a desire to come back to China to start companies or join startups.

AWARD 25 Most Important Private Companies

Fortune: Sequoia matters because it finds and nurtures important companies.

AWARD Forbes 2016 Midas List

Top 100 Venture Investors and Firms in 2016

AWARDS The Top 100 Venture Capitalists

CB Insights worked with The New York Times in late 2015 to identify and rank the top 100 venture capital professionals using purely data-driven / algorithmic ranking methods.

FEATURE Value Investing for Ten Years

Focusing on finding true value and investing in new technology and innovation

ARTICLE Next Step of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Globally transformative companies develop an essential trait: they innovate on technologies not business models

NEWS Sequoia Capital & CBC Co-establish US-China Cross-Border Digital Economy & Industry Fund

NEWS LinkedIn, Tencent, Sequoia Capital and CBC Jointly Initiate US-China Council of Digital Economic Cooperation

POINT OF VIEW Start a Company, or Join a Startup

Highlights from Doug Leone's keynote at Sequoia China's annual Silicon Valley event

AWARDS 2015 Forbes China Ranking Of Top Venture Capitalists Released

Neil Shen tops the ranking of Top Venture Capitalists, Kui Zhou and Steven Ji list on Top 20. Sequoia Capital China tops the VC Ranking of China.

POINT OF VIEW Professionalism is As Important As Entrepreneurship

FEATURE Entrepreneurs Change the World

Sequoia Capital China's Tenth Anniversary · October 17 2015

ARTICLE Lunch with the FT

Neil Shen talks about China’s stock market turmoil and tech entrepreneurs’ expectations.

POINT OF VIEW Chinese Tech Firms Don't Copy Western Innovations but Learn From Them

AWARDS Forbes 2015 Midas List

Top 100 Venture Investors and Firms in 2015

FEATURE Investing on the Next BAT

AWARDS Fortune 2015 The Most Influential Business Leaders in China