Humble Bundle

Using a pay-what-you-will model, Humble Bundle offers content to gamers while helping indie developers and charities.

Humble Bundle continues to team up with a growing array of charities providing global disaster relief while expanding bundled offerings in the comic book and mobile gaming categories.

When we first met
Jeff and John live up to the company's name. They're just about the two most humble guys that you will ever meet. It would have been easy to overlook them, as the quiet guys, sitting silently in the background at YC. But once you look beyond the noise, it's hard to ignore their quiet confidence and unbelievable early market traction. Mid-way through the YC program, with Demo Day weeks away, the two of them alone had already generated over $1M in sales and were profitable!

  • Founded 2010
  • Partnered 2011
  • Jeff Rosen
  • John Graham
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