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Reza Shahi Senior Vice President, Operations
Reza Shahi Senior Vice President, Operations

I spent five years of my childhood in Iran. My parents were both university professors, and we lived on campus surrounded by family and lots of other kids.

My parents sacrificed everything to come to the U.S. Seeing their success story, and knowing how much they gave up for their children, drives me. I take advantage of every possible opportunity.

I’ve focused my entire career on operational improvement: operational efficiency, using technology to solve business problems, building and managing teams.

When you join a new team, identify the skills in your tool kit that will drive positive outcomes—and then abandon what’s no longer relevant.

We have the time here—and the luxury of being patient—to think about how to best address challenges. When we don’t have to react to minute-to-minute market updates, our investments have staying power.

Our team knows there’s always room to grow. No matter how productive we are, you can still learn and be challenged.

I’m a huge music junkie. I was the music director at my college radio station. I’m willing to go through the pain of listening to a lot of bad music to discover new greats.

One unexpected benefit of moving back to the West Coast is seeing the beautiful sunrises over Half Moon Bay. I hadn’t realized how little of the sky I saw in New York City.

I love to travel. Sitting in San Francisco and New York offices can give you a skewed perspective of the world. Discovering foreign foods with friends brings me joy.