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Blurring Borders

Shailesh Lakhani

When Sequoia Capital started up in India ten years ago, we always felt that we would see a lot of global companies being built from India. But global back then largely meant the US market, and product was largely IT services. While that industry has continued to scale, we remain fascinated by how many other ways the companies we work with have gone global.

Whether it be an Indonesian company with engineering in Bangalore, a Swedish company founded by Kurdish and Iranian immigrants whose main market is India, a New Zealand to Singapore video production company that brings together 9000 freelance creators from 100 countries, or a Bangalore based software company whose largest market is the Arab world - we could not have predicted the range of places the companies we partner with, touch.


The idea of a company’s nationality seems antiquated (as much as tax systems try to imply otherwise), and for so many of our entrepreneurs, a border is a small obstacle in the steeplechase of the journey they are on to build a lasting enterprise.

The need to find the best talent to build your business, learn the most advanced skills, or to find the customers that could benefit from your solution the most, are the driving factors. A border for many is just an opportunity to collect a decorative stamp in the coarse little diary book that we call a passport.

And with that as the setting, we too, as we always do with some lag, are following the lead of our entrepreneurs and inviting our portfolio companies to the veritable intersection point on today’s digital silk road, Singapore - for our most global entrepreneur meet ever.

'Camp Sequoia: Blurring Borders', which starts next week in Singapore, will bring together 100+ Sequoia India portfolio founders from 10 countries holding 25 country passports, several leading technology companies from the US, China, Korea, and Japan, and our global Sequoia partners from the US, China, India and SE Asia. We can’t wait to see what might come about of this, and invite you all to follow along as we share what we uncover.