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Practo is a healthcare app that allows consumers to find doctors, book appointments and conduct online consultations.

Sales Trainer
Bangalore, IN
Job Description / Skills Required

  1. To train Sales Warriors on product & PWOS as per schedule shared by Academy.
  2. Develop detailed strategy for training of all new Sales Warriors.
  3. Create, develop and maintain course materials, learner guides, hand-outs, reference materials etc
  4. Serve as primary trainer delivering quality learning experiences through adequate preparation, such as up-to-date facilitator material, participant guides and aids, etc.
  5. Do assessments during training via tests, quizzes etc and maintain scores of all the Sales Warriors
  6. Share all scores along with feedback to respective managers before PSW joins the sales team at their respective location. Coordinate with Admin for Sales Warriors to travel back to their respective location.
  7. To read, understand, absorb and retain the Practo Way of Sales (PWOS), one hundred percent.
  8. To implement and practice the PWOS one hundred percent, in letter and spirit
  9. To ensure all Sales Warriors who undergo training understand and absorb PWOS.
  10. To seek awareness about the Company’s vision, goals and plans and align thoughts and action towards the same
  11. Market visit/remote session every month to keep abreast with latest trends & happenings in the market, which can be used in training.



  1. Develop and deliver ongoing training and communication to the Sales teams related to product specific changes and capabilities.
  2. Conduct regular evaluations to assess product knowledge & gaps
  3. Determine training needs by traveling/interacting with Sales Warriors; observing PWOS implementation; Closely interacting with Sales Warriors & Managers   
  4. Spend time in the market  and closely observe customer interactions, planning, lead   gathering, lead  handling etc. and also obtain feedback.


HR and Inter-personal Issues

  1. To be a good team player and contribute towards maintaining high levels of motivation across the team  - with positivity in thoughts, words and action – particularly during team meetings.
  2. To address differences with superiors, if any, in private and never in front of other colleagues
  3. To maintain maximum attendance at all times
  4. To plan all ‘leave’ well in advance and discuss the same with his superiors, so that the overall team performance is not adversely affected