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Practo is a healthcare app that allows consumers to find doctors, book appointments and conduct online consultations.

Central Account Manager
Bangalore, IN
Job Description / Skills Required

Job Description

Central Account Manager JD

What if, instead of a job, you had a mission? A mission to create the future of healthcare alongside a team of brilliant, passionate people, on a canvas that touches billions of consumers around the world?


It's what we do at Practo.

Practo is made up of people from diverse backgrounds, united by our mission to help people around the world live healthier, longer lives by simplifying ways to be healthy. Our culture revolves around first principles thinking that leads to daring ideas and we have the freedom and opportunity to turn these ideas into reality. We are dedicated to improving healthcare access for everyone and leaving the world better than we found it.


  1. To relentlessly chase, achieve and exceed his targets, as defined by superiors, namely the TL and the Manager.
  2. To provide world-class service to the customers assigned to him and ensure that all of his actions are user-first.
  3. To read, understand, absorb and retain the Practo Way of Customer Service (PWOCS), 100%.
  4. To implement and practice the PWOCS 100%, in letter and spirit.
  5. To seek awareness about the company’s vision, goals and plans and align individual thoughts and action towards the same.

 Efficiencies -

  1. To constantly chase and exceed the efficiency benchmarks in terms of :
  2. Effective calls per day [current benchmark - 20 calls/day]
  3. Voice and Non-voice Quality [current benchmark - 80]

 Onboarding New Customers (if applicable) -

  1. To ensure that all the new customers in his territory are contacted with a TAT of 3 days.
  2. Have had their expectations set right, with a high quality profile created, and been explained Marketplace rules for customers using Book [current benchmark - 96 hours]
  3. Have been trained along with staff, on all features and modules of Product [current benchmark TAT - 30 days]
  4. Have converted to good users post onboarding completion

 Intervention -

  1. All accounts portfolio have been verified, had expectations set, profile created and Marketplace rules explained for Book users
  2. Have been trained along with staff, on all features and modules of Product [current benchmark - 90% of assigned bucket]
  3. Have converted low to high users post training completion [current benchmark - 60% of bucket]
  4. Have not allowed high users to drop to low users through regular intervention and issue resolution [current benchmark - maximum 10% drop]

Renewals -

  1. Ensure that all the customers in his/her portfolio up for renewal have been renewed [current benchmark - 10%]
  2. Ensure that all the customers up for Early renewal are migrated to better plan.

Support -

  1. Ensure that all support issues are closed with proper resolution with desired quality within the agreed TAT [current benchmark - TAT 3 days, 80% completion, CSAT- 80%]


Ad-hoc projects -

  1. All ad-hoc projects to be completed within the given timeline.


Daily Huddle -

  1. To ensure attendance in the Daily Huddle in time every day, and participate in the same as expected in the PWOCS
  2. To share the previous day's learning with the entire team, and highlight both the positive and negative experiences in order to help other team members.
  3. To be prepared with the following daily :
  4. MTD target v/s achievements wrt i) renewals ii) interventions iii) support
  5. List of interactions for the previous day and their outcomes.
  6. List of interactions for the current day and key details about them (previous interactions, agenda of call, customer happiness with Practo etc).
  7. Action plan & outcomes expected with each of the interactions planned for the day.
  8. Access help required, if any, for conversion – especially if some cases are taking too long or need too many calls and meetings.


 Weekly/Monthly Reviews -

  1. Participate in the Weekly/Monthly Review Meetings with adequate preparation, so as to meet the objectives of the meeting:
  2. Be aware of and understand the efficiency metrics and target v/s achievement (churn, intervention, support) for the portfolio, and the areas requiring improvement – so that participation in the weekly/monthly review meeting becomes meaningful.
  3. Share processes followed in successful cases.
  4. Discuss unique situations/problems faced in specific cases with details of help required, if any.
  5. Analyse ‘Lost’ customers (churned, irate customers) and lessons learnt there from.


  1. To know and remember the PWOCS document/handbook thoroughly (page to page, and line to line); to constantly reinforce this knowledge.
  2. To follow the PWOCS to a ‘T’ – in planning, and in every interaction with a customer.
  3. To review every interaction and identify deviations, if any, from the PWOCS promptly and rectify the same promptly.
  4. To do daily random checks of his/her own PWOCS knowledge.
  5. To try and constantly improve the PWOCS by giving feedback regularly to the central team.