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Practo is a healthcare app that allows consumers to find doctors, book appointments and conduct online consultations.

Senior Associate - Strategy and Operations
Bangalore, IN
Job Description / Skills Required

Job Description

What if, instead of a job, you had a mission? A mission to create the future of healthcare alongside a team of brilliant, passionate people, on a canvas that touches billions of consumers around the world? It’s what we do at Practo.

Practo is made up of people from diverse backgrounds, united by our mission to help people around the world live healthier, longer lives by simplifying ways to be healthy. Our culture revolves around first principle thinking that leads to daring ideas and we have the freedom and opportunity to turn these ideas into reality. We are dedicated to improving healthcare access for everyone and leaving the world better than we found it.


  1. Design and run research projects on competitors and overall industry and consolidate information into insights for the organisation
  2. Identify new areas of growth in healthcare industry and support Zero to One projects to validate approach in these areas
  3. Run strategic initiatives with Operations, Product and Marketing and other functions
  4. Conduct interviews with industry experts to understand the latest developments in the healthcare industry
  5. Support in building and continuously refining the strategy for the organisation
  6. Stay fully updated on market trends, competitive research and implement best practices based on insights gained


  1. Strong problem solving ability is a must for this role. You will be dealing with a vast and complex set of problems that need to be analysed in order to arrive at actionable insights.
  2. ‘Getting things done’ attitude.
  3. 2-4 years of experience in industry analysis at a market research firm or previous experience in a similar role is preferred. Prior experience in zero to one projects is also preferred.
  4. Engineering/ Commerce from Tier-1 colleges. MBA is preferred.
  5. Search engines, web analytics and business research tools acumen
  6. Proficiency with Excel and SQL. 
  7. Experience in Qualitative and Quantitative research is mandate