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Practo is a healthcare app that allows consumers to find doctors, book appointments and conduct online consultations.

Bangaluru, IN
Job Description / Skills Required

The runner will collect samples from different phlebotomists / technicians and drop them off within the stipulated time at the testing labs.


The runner:


  • Must be able to operate a vehicle for off-site pick-up and delivery of materials.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively and report as necessary to the team.
  • Must have reliable transportation to and from work.
  • Must be reliable and task-oriented.
  • Requires some physical labour daily in various weather conditions.
  • Must be able to track and keep manager informed of daily progress.
  • Must verify the accuracy of part’s information prior to making runs.
  • Must be able to perform various duties, including, but not limited to collection/submission of blood/urine samples, documentations related to samples, organising documents and samples to avoid any mismatch and on time submission of the samples to the laboratory.
  • Must have a good driving record and driving licence with proper vehicle documents.