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Versa Networks

An elastic network-services platform.

UI Developer (HTML & CSS)
Job Description / Skills Required

Want to change the future of security integrated with networking?

Are you interested in fundamentally changing the technology and designs used in the $40B+ WAN, branch networks and managed services market? Does the concept of migrating global telcos and Fortune 500 customers from traditional network and security hardware to highly agile software and virtualized security driven network functions pump you up?

If so, Versa Networks might be a great place for you. Versa was founded by the engineering executives that built the multi-billion-dollar MX Series routers at Juniper and funded by top-tier and very network/security savvy investors Sequoia Capital, Mayfield, Comcast ventures, Verizon Ventures, Princeville Global fund and others.

We are looking for cutting edge technical and business talent to expand our innovation and bring it to an exciting set of customers. We have been named in Gartner’s magic quadrant (MQ) leader in Secure SD-WAN and have received leadership ratings of our product feature breadth by cybersecurity industry ratings leaders.

Job Summary

As a UI developer, you will be responsible for delivery of the front of the front end (HTML and CSS) of all of our applications Director, Concerto, Titan and SASE portal. You should be able to work with Zeplin outputs of XD and Figma based design systems and output it with the right fit & finish and W3C compliant standards HTML and CSS code meshed with ReactJS and/or PHP based application development environments. You have demonstrated an eye for perfection of UX/UI design outputs and its translation to HTML and CSS code. You have also demonstrated the ability to work with application development teams of ReactJS, PHP, Angular2 or higher, Vue JS and other full stack frameworks. You have a deep understand of how HTML and CSS styling meshes with the application development code and its resulting fit and finish for the user.

Job Requirements
  • Deep understanding of W3C standards of HTML and CSS
  • Your code passes the validation of the above standards every time
  • Understand Web Accessibility of your code and can flag any issue to designers if it doesn’t pass those standards
  • You clearly have a deep knowledge of
    • CSS selectors
    • CSS Specificity
    • Box model
    • Flexbox & Grid layouts
    • Responsive vs Adaptive designs
    • HTML Tags, Fonts, CSS Variables
    • Differences between LESS, SCSS, SASS
    • Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Material design and other grid systems
Bonus points
  • If you know JavaScript:
    • General JS operators and statements
    • Functions & Scope, Passing by reference vs by value
    • JavaScript objects & arrays
    • DOM, Events, Security
Job Qualifications
  • A Bachelor's Degree or Higher in Computer Science or equivalent
  • 5+ years experience in coding pure HTML, CSS
Our Benefits

Versa Networks is a small but rapidly growing organization. It is built by people with vast experience in the networking industry. We are a pragmatic team with a healthy work-life balance. We offer competitive compensation packages with pre-IPO equity. Additionally, we offer a quality of life benefit to everyone in an inspiring environment with skilled and passionate co-workers. Our exciting company culture offers a great place to work and most important, to have fun.