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BYJU's is a supplementary learning company with a disruptive product in the K-12 and test prep segment.

Sound Design – Sound Designer
Bangalore, IN
Job Description / Skills Required

We are EDUCATORS with a Heartbeat of Music

The vision is to bring entertainment and creative arts to the domain of education in an effective and addictive manner. The question is – can you be a part of a visionary group that clubs the art in different Audio – Visual media, Technology and Education to create the most immersive learning experience for students?

The Organization is looking for extremely passionate creative professionals – well-trained and dynamic creative minds that are driven to work hands-on and collaboratively. The different responsibilities that come under the Designation of Creative Associate are given below, a brief description of the job profile. You, the candidate, should be able to perform a variety of tasks along with leading and supporting the work of others. A self-driven attitude and wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected. In short, we are looking for thinkers, innovators, artists, and changemakers who will be our creative leaders.


NOTE: We are not hiring for this position Now.


This profile requires a diploma or a bachelor’s degree (engineering/music/sound engineering). It is preferred that the candidate has worked in the Game Design domain as a Sound Designer for a min. of 3 years. Applicant should be familiar with a variety of the field’s concepts, practices, and procedures and should rely on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.

With an extensive knowledge in Synthesis and Spatial Audio, you will be a crucial component that builds Sound Effects for the product Videos and the App sounds for the interactive games and UX. Understanding how music and sounds play a part in affecting children and adult mood and learning states is useful. If you believe you have what it takes to be a part of India’s fastest-growing in-house Ed-Media Team, you could fit in easy. Every role is an interdependent, sometimes cross-functional one.

The Candidate is expected to bring a very high level of professionalism, expertise and experience on board. The role largely involves executing assigned projects in association with a media team and under the supervision of a senior manager. One will be responsible for executing projects with high-quality output under stipulated deadlines while maintaining perfect team coordination. Key responsibilities would include executing assigned independent tasks within a project, assimilating project requirements and executing dependent tasks through proper channels. Additional roles will be towards supporting tasks across production pipeline, field tasks with the production team for independent and dependent tasks, collaborating with other creative associates, running individual projects and ensuring project consolidation and closing.

Note: The candidate may request to identify with a designation that reflects their specialization.

Skill: Candidate ought to know how to arrange / sequence music and pre-mix. With tools, up-to-date working knowledge of VST & plugins is a must. [DAW-ProTools, Logic Pro, allied software]

The candidate should

  • be creative and have an ear for good sound

  • have basic music production skills

  • have excellent IT skills and working knowledge of CPU, Network and Accelerators

  • be patient and able to concentrate for long periods

  • be interested in music

  • be able to play an instrument or appreciate how instruments work – both digital and analog

  • leadership to estimate requirement of resources

  • work well under pressure and strict deadlines

  • be observant of people

  • be interested in film, music and television and sources on the internet

  • want to further skill-based learning every day

  • be ready for challenges and open to feedback

  • be up-to-date with tools and plugins and latest developments in the specific domain

  • strive to be original and inventive even in the face of harsh timelines

  • work well as part of a team and be able to take direction from seniors, directors and internal/external clients

  • be able to follow a brief and work on their own initiative

  • enjoy using computer technology

Growth Opportunity

Organic growth within the organization is assured at much-better-than-industry-standards considering the nature of projects we undertake and the rate of global expansion. Growth, as is validated by the work done by the activities undertaken and responsibility assumed by the employee, can be in Leadership, Management, Specialist and Expert Roles.