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SirionLabs is the leading provider of enterprise SaaS products that leverage automation and advanced analytics to enable effective post-signature management of complex services engagements (e.g. ITO and BPO) for buyers and suppliers.

Deployment Engineer
Gurugram, IN
Haryana, IN
Job Description / Skills Required


Develop and maintain automated deployment systems.
Recommend process improvements to ensure system scalability and reliability.
Assist in developing and implementation of deployment plan.
Work with IT and QA teams to deploy and troubleshoot the system applications.
Develop deployment support documentations for customers.
Work with the management to develop deployment specifications and configurations.
Assist in new system development and enhancements.
Attend trainings related to company’s deployment procedures and standards.
Analyze and troubleshoot deployment issues in a timely manner.
Act as primary customer contact for deployment related inquiries and issues.
Leading and paving the way for us in large scale automation deployments
Designing and implementing scalable systems that keep our backend infrastructures running smoothly
Ensuring best practices relating to security, performance and monitoring


Skills Required

Experience in automating large scale developments with deployment management systems: Puppet, Chef, CFEngine, Capistrano or a similar system
Experience carrying out monitoring and performance metrics analysis using one of the following tools: Hyperic, Nagios, Cacti, Munin, Ganglia or a similar program
AWS/EC2 experience
Must have Linux experience (preferably Ubuntu, Red Hat or CentOS)
Apache Tomcat and HTTP Server experience
Good understanding of Java deployment
Working knowledge of relational databases using Oracle or MySQL