Sandeep Kher

  • Portfolio Finance
“The only certainty in an uncertain situation is change. Stay resilient, stay on course and stay completely focussed on the outcome you want to see.”

I spent most of my teenage years on the cricket field. There were a lot of loud debates at our house about what I was going to do with my life. Finally, my father told me to make my own choice – but to give it 100%. Something clicked when he said that. I chose accounting, and went from back bencher to class topper. Things move easily when you put your mind to it and go all in.

I joined an insurance startup as an early employee, and helped scale the company to 1,500 offices, 15,000 people and $3 billion in revenue. Later, I spent time at a credit card company that was in rocketship mode. After a few years as CFO I moved into a Chief Risk Officer role, then the global financial crisis hit. It was a trial by fire. We had to cut burn, slash costs and get focussed on which type of customers we wanted to go after. The two-year journey back to profitability was a lesson in discipline and resilience.

When Sequoia India reached out, I was intrigued. It’s turned into a dream role. We work closely with founders and advise them  on everything from compliance to corporate governance. It’s incredibly rewarding to help founders in their journey, and to contribute to their success.

parenthood / travel / photography / cricket

Current Companies

  • Knowlarity provides cloud telephony solutions to business enterprises.
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