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“The mind may be a powerful computer but the heart is an unerring compass. When in doubt, I tend to follow my heart and trust my intuition.”

My father, who is a doctor in the Indian Army, taught me to always aspire for excellence. He told me that if the human mind is steadfastly focused on a goal, excellence will inevitably follow. I started meditating at a very young age and my father’s words became my life’s motto.

I studied hard for a few years and ended up at IIT Delhi. I enjoyed academic research, and was good at solving page-long mathematical equations. But entrepreneurship was my first love.

I started up twice in college. The second startup was the single best experience of my life. For two years, my co-founder and I grew 20 species of flowers on 10 acres of land deep in the North Indian hinterland, distilling and selling herbal Ayurvedic remedies online.

After graduation I left my startup to marry the girl of my dreams, at the age of 23, and took up a job at McKinsey to support our new family. It was excruciatingly hard to be away from the startup world, and less than two years later, I found myself at Sequoia India

Focus. Clarity. Fire. Drive.

I wait to be inspired. For a pitch that is authentic, solving a keenly-felt problem, delivered with passion. For founders to share their hunger and their fire to build something meaningful, significant, generational. For clarity of mind and ruthless focus on product and go-to-market.

I love working with engineers and I spend most of my time on developer / engineer tooling and software infrastructure. I’m on the lookout for fellow engineers who are on a mission to permanently solve a pain point they have faced for years in their own career, for themselves and their peers. I’m convinced that India will produce many generational companies in this space.

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Current Companies

  • Last9 is a modern reliability stack making it easy for engineering & DevOps teams to gain visibility, adopt SLOs, and ship reliable software faster.
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  • Mindgrove Technologies designs state of the art scalable, and reliable System-on-Chips (SoCS) in India
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  • Prismforce is a vertical SaaS platform enabling IT companies to build a digital-first talent supply chain.
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  • Privado is a code scanning solution which bridges the gap between privacy and engineering by giving privacy teams real-time visibility into engineering systems.
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  • Toddle is an education SaaS startup on a mission to help teachers do their best work.
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  • Web3Auth is on a mission to make digital ownership and identity human-centric and accessible to everyone.
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