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The term sheet was signed, the money was wired and Assaf was feeling the pressure. Now they had to deliver on their vision and could they really trust their new partner?

Assaf and Gili recall the early moments of the partnership.

Assaf Rappaport
Co-founder, Adallom

Suddenly everything felt very real. We had a new, highly experienced, powerful partner and a vision we had sold to everyone that needed to be executed. It was overwhelming.

Gili Raanan

Assaf was skepticl of VCs. He had heard horror stories about backstabbing and replacing Israeli founders with American executives. It was clear that once we were past the negotiation phase, we would need to start building trust.

Assaf Rappaport

It was our first meeting post-investment and Gili suggested we go for a walk on the beach. He said, “this is going to be your last opportunity in this entire ride to really modify your plan and make sure you have an accurate product-market fit. Take as much time as you need to verify and validate your ideas, I will provide you with all the resources and remember, we didn’t invest in an idea, we invested in you.”

Gili: We needed to leave the office setting and feel like equals. It sounds simple but it was so easy to screw things up. I know what it is like to be an entrepreneur. It is very difficult to develop trust and be painfully transparent with the party who is providing you funding, can theoretically terminate your employment, and has so much potential impact on the future of your company.

Assaf Rappaport

There was such a gap between my expectation of that first meeting with a VC post-investment and what Gili was actually saying. I thought I was getting a boss or someone who just wanted me to deliver when in fact, a new experienced partner with all of Sequoia’s resources, had just joined our team and was here to help us grow. During that first meeting, he made it clear, “this is what I am thinking, and this is the process I suggest we go through, but ultimately it’s your call.” It was a very comforting and transformational moment.

Until Adallom, businesses were relying on weak security policies to protect their critical assets against cyber attacks in the cloud. In September 2015, within three years of its establishment, Microsoft acquired Adallom.

Adallom provides security services for sensitive and regulated data.
  • Founded 2012
  • Partnered 2012
  • Ami Luttwak
  • Assaf Rappaport
  • Roy Reznik