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In the middle of negotiating the acquisition of Amobee to SingTel, Trevor called Haim and asked him to fly out to Singapore that day and help him close the deal.

Trevor and Haim recall how they worked together during those last few stressful hours...

Trevor Healy, CEO

I told him there was a 50/50 chance of closing the deal. The fact that Haim was willing to drop everything and fly 18 hours to Singapore was a huge undertaking on his part. Most people would have said give me a call when you are about 80/20.

Haim Sadger

With all due respect to 50/50, even if he had told me there was only a 5% chance, I would have joined him. It is not even something that crossed my mind.


It was very helpful to have Haim by my side. Having an experienced hand on the rudder, someone you trust, is very important during pressured situations. It’s also good when you report back to the other board members that a Sequoia board member was with you. They know you got the best deal. There is no second guessing after that.


Trevor is a serial entrepreneur. I got to know him very well with his previous company, Jajah, which was about to be sold to Belgacom when the Central Bank of Europe collapsed in 2008 and Belgacom’s CEO cancelled the deal.


It was just before Thanksgiving and I was in California with my family. I couldn’t believe the bad timing, we were supposed to close by Christmas, and I called Haim in distress. He told me not to worry and that we would talk after the Holiday. Three months later we sold the company to Telefonica with terms that were even better. It was a lesson in not giving up.


Following his JaJah exit, Trevor doesn’t have to work. But he is a serial entrepreneur and the way he thinks is different to most. More than anything, he is a very hard worker and I would definitely work with him on another project.


The great VCs, and Sequoia is one of them, are a support system for their entrepreneurs in times of trouble. It’s really easy to support people when things are going well. That’s called cheerleading. Being your coach, psychiatrist, a true partner in times of deep need is really important and that’s where these guys excel. Especially Haim.

Founded in 2005, and leaders in the VoIP space, Jajah was sold to 02 in 2009. Only three years later, Trevor went on to sell Amobee, a global marketing company providing cross channel advertising solutions to SingTel, in 2012.

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Amobee provides carrier ad-serving solutions for WAP Browsing, Video & Music, SMS, MMS, and Games.
  • Founded 2005
  • Partnered 2005
  • Trevor Healy
  • Zohar Levkovitz