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Sequoia met with Innovid three times over a period of three years with questions about the market size and timing before investing in 2011.

Zvika and Gili touch upon different stages of their partnership....

Gili Raanan

In the end, we decided to invest because we thought the market had changed. It was still early but we were confident that video marketing would be big and Innovid stood out as the only player other than Google.

Zvika Netter, CEO & Co- founder

Once they decided to partner, the time from term sheet to closing was record breaking. It took about two weeks. Before they even sent the term sheet, Gili, Haim and Shmil were calling clients until late at night. Often VCs give their due diligence to associates. I was very impressed by their attention to detail and how quickly they moved as a partnership.

Gili Raanan

It was clear, both in conversation and once we made the investment, that the company needed to expand beyond interactive video technology. We all realized there was a bigger market opportunity to go after.

Zvika Netter

We were taking video commercials and making them personalized and interactive. Our business was growing nicely but strategically we realized there was a big threat; we needed to move from being a creative solution to an enterprise solution. It took us about two and a half years to change our product strategy and there were plenty of tough questions being fired our way. Sequoia in general, made me feel they were here to support me.

Gili Raanan

Zvika is a true visionary. People love working with him and I am always impressed by his level of commitment.

Zvika Netter

Once the product was completed, we hit a wall taking it to market. We needed to get in front of decision makers.

Gili Raanan

We introduced him to the CEO of Publicis which led to Innovid’s first real enterprise partnership. Within a very short period of time, the company was able to scale and acquire dozens of customers.

Zvika Netter

Today, we are the fastest growing platform in the space and the enterprise solution has become 90% of our business.

Innovid reinvented themselves from a creative, niche product to a robust and scalable enterprise solution. Within months of launching their new product in 2014, they surpassed Google in the video marketing arena and is today the market leader.

Innovid is a platform that enables the creation, delivery, and measurement of interactive video advertising across publishers and devices.
  • Founded 2007
  • Partnered 2011
  • Tal Chalozin
  • Zvika Netter
  • Zack Zigdon