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Dani and Haim talk about Kaminario’s audacious goal to go after the big elephants with something very disruptive…

Dani and Haim share some of the challenges they faced together…

Dani Golan
Founder & CEO, Kaminario

There was a perfect storm where aging storage technologies were becoming vulnerable and Flash technology was offering the potential to build something completely different. Even as an eternal optimist, I never imagined it would happen so quickly.

Haim Sadger

If survival is your primary goal, I wouldn’t advise you run down an elephant path. At some point the elephants will catch up and stamp on you. From day one, Dani decided to fulfill his vision while managing to avoid a stampede. There are very few people who can do that.

Dani Golan

We started in memory appliance in 2008 and it took a while for us to understand we are in the wrong market. Two years later we went back to Haim and said we have made a mistake. I don’t know many VCs who would reply by saying, ‘go and do the right thing.’ Invariably they would panic. It took three and half years and another huge injection of cash to release our new product. That required significant belief from my partners.

Haim Sadger

Going through a model change is one of the hardest things an entrepreneur can do. Dani is mentally very strong. That is why we are still here.

Dani Golan

There were so many crises. The market changed. Employees lost faith. During times of stress, people rarely remain calm without reacting. If you really analyze why Sequoia and particularly Haim were so helpful -- when the water was turbulent and muddy and you can’t see or figure anything out, Haim was my Gibraltar, he weathered the storm and only reacted after.

Haim Sadger

99% of the time he gets hammered by me. That’s my role. To tell him from my unique viewpoint where I see genuine problems. But in a real crisis, I stop hammering. At that point, I find a comfort zone in the crisis because I am usually certain there will be an even better outcome. Once we are behind the crisis, the hammer comes back.

Dani Golan

The partners at Sequoia are so successful, they should theoretically be less hungry. But they are the hungriest, most driven people I have ever met. I can call Haim 24/7. When we have a problem, it’s like we are the only company on earth and I know that’s not true!

Kaminario released their Flash Array storage solution with its full capabilities in 2014 and they have been on a rocket ship ever since. Today they are leaders in the storage arena.

Dani and Haim talk about Kaminario’s audacious goal to go after the big elephants with something very disruptive…
  • Founded 2008
  • Partnered 2008
  • Dani Golan