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What makes a killer app? Sifting through a multitude of consumer applications, moovit stood out as a solution that could truly impact hundreds of millions…

Nir and Gili recall some of the steps they have taken together...

Gili Raanan

Time delays when riding a daily subway or bus are a massive pain that nobody had really solved. We decided to make a very significant investment in moovit in order to help it become a global brand and service.

Nir Erez, CEO & Co-founder

Very few investors can support companies that develop consumer solutions that reach hundreds of millions of people. When you look at Sequoia, starting with Apple, then Google, WhatsApp, Airbnb or Houzz, it seemed to me they were the best investors to understand our ambitions about conquering the world.

Gili Raanan

Nir wasn't always a consumer app guy. When we asked him why he thought he could build a consumer app company he said, “only a chip designer can really solve this specific problem. It’s a layer by layer approach which is exactly the same way you build a chip. If you only implement a single layer, you won’t get the best results.”

Nir Erez

One of the very first things we did with Sequoia is establish measurements to define global leadership in the top 20 cities around the world. The process took us about a year to complete and we received a lot of input from Sequoia backed companies. They never disclosed company data but could clearly provide benchmarks in many different areas of growth, leadership and retention.

Gili Raanan

Nir is charismatic and a great listener. He is able to take a very complex set of facts and arguments and distil them into a simple, easy to understand, pitch. He is definitely the driving force behind moovit.

Nir Erez

In order for a Sequoia company to be successful, you have to prove extreme success. I am lucky that I work with both Gili and Alfred Lin from the U.S. office. It’s challenging on one hand but it pushes you to become a real, world leader and that’s something that is inherent to Sequoia’s DNA.

Moovit is reducing the level of uncertainty people experience globally when using any mode of transportation other than a car. Today they are the largest, public repository of transit data around the world.

A real-time public transit app combining official data and live crowd input.
  • Founded 2011
  • Partnered 2013
  • Acquired 2020
  • Nir Erez
  • Roy Bick