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On their way to meet Haim during their Round A roadshow, a turned over truck delayed Pyramid Analytics’ arrival leaving only a few minutes spare to make their pitch.

Omri and Haim recall their meeting…

Omri Kohl
Co-founder and CEO, Pyramid Analytics

Call it luck or bad luck, it was probably one of our best meetings because it was so short. After only a few minutes, Haim thanked us for coming and said he would be in touch. An hour later, we got a call from his assistant asking us to come back for a second meeting.

Haim Sadger

The company has a unique story. As entrepreneurs with previous successes, they had already bootstrapped Pyramid for three and a half years and were growing nicely by the time we met. It was clear they understood the market and as a lean company their survival was impressive.

Omri Kohl

We had other potential investors but Haim’s ability to understand our offering in such a short amount of time gave us the feeling that as a partner, aside from money, he would bring tremendous value. His ability to focus on the key issues and ignore the nonsense was key for me personally.

Omri Kohl

Within two to three days we shook hands on the term sheet. It was very fast. When they make up their minds, things move quickly.

Haim Sadger

If I find a company that is familiar with a market and is growing nicely, it is relatively easy for me to put down money and help accelerate their growth.

Omri Kohl

We had already been in quick turnarounds and are looking to go the whole way with this one. Our goal is to build a global company with a massive offering and I think they are the perfect partner to support the process.

Haim Sadger

Real company building requires patience and if you shorten the journey, it is unlikely you will end up with a significant company. I am in it for the long haul.

Pyramid Analytics’ vision has revolutionized Business Intelligence. Now organizations can deploy thousands of analytics seats for all user types, on any device and ensure the same governance, coherence and total reliability.

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Pyramid is a web-based application which combines enterprise and self-service business intelligence.
  • Founded 2008
  • Partnered 2013
  • Omri Kohl
  • Avi Perez