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Morphing. Expanding….The tentacles of Shmil’s partnership with Benny and Rami stretch across three companies.

Benny, Rami, and Shmil talk about the value of their partnership over time.

Shmil Levy

This is our third investment with Benny and Rami. Our partnership began in 2000 and in each of their start-ups, we were their first investor. I admire them as entrepreneurs, their motivation and ability to recruit incredible teams to create something unique. After working together in three companies, we have a very open relationship which continues to develop.

Rami Tamir
Co-founder, Ravello

Shmil is very logical and methodical. Working with him requires you to think and plan precisely. If you need someone to bounce off ideas, he is the perfect guy.

Benny Schnaider
Co-founder, Ravello

When we set up our second company, Qumranet, it was a shaky time in the market and we couldn’t get the right product-market fit. Within three years, we changed Qumranet’s product direction three times. Shmil only intervened when necessary, he respected the process we were going through and knew how to apply the right amount of pressure. In the board room he was pretty tough, but that was helpful too, you expect board members to be critical.

Shmil Levy

They were exploring a number of opportunities and my role is to give open feedback. In the end, it is critical that the entrepreneurs pick an option they fully believe in.

Rami Tamir

Especially towards the exit of Qumranet, we needed help from Shmil and Sequoia U.S.. They introduced us to Red Hat who eventually acquired us. Just the name, Sequoia, created a level of legitimacy and a completely different atmosphere when negotiating a deal.

Benny Schnaider

During the negotiation period, things always get emotional, and at some point I needed someone to step in and be the tough guy. I turned to Shmil and he played an important role in our discussions with Red Hat.

Rami Tamir

Pentacom was sold in less than a year, and Qumranet was sold in two and a half years. We are now in our fifth year at Ravello and are facing problems we never knew existed. How do you grow an organization? What’s the company culture? Pretty soon, half of the company’s employees will be based in the U.S.. It’s a fascinating process but there are lots of issues. Sequoia, especially their HR department in the U.S., has been of crucial help.

Shmil Levy

It is a privilege to work with such entrepreneurs. They told me if they open number four, they will come back and work with us.

Qumranet’s KVM cloud infrastructure is today an industry standard for desktop virtualization and Ravello, has become the solution of choice for cloud virtualization. In February 2016, five years after its establishment, Oracle acquired Ravello.

Ravello is developing a virtualization operating system that will encapsulate and detach IT services & applications from database infrastructure.
  • Founded 2011
  • Partnered 2011
  • Benny Schnaider
  • Rami Tamir