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Senior Deep Learning Researcher
Moscow, RU
Job Description / Skills Required

We are looking for a Senior Deep Learning Researcher. The candidate will be doing R&D in image segmentation, face landmarks, super resolution, image enhancement, image effects, image aesthetics, image search, inpainting, style transfer, face tuning.


Participate in different AI lab projects;

Conduct experiments and reproduce results of different papers;

Apply deep learning approaches to resolve bottlenecks of classic computer vision algorithms;

Analyse and improve existing models;

If required: dive deep into specified area and become proficient in it;

Qualifications & Competencies:

Bachelor's/MA degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience;

Knowledge of Python;

Knowledge of algorithms and data structures;

Knowledge of Deep learning framework: TensorFlow/PyTorch/Keras/Caffe;

Strong math, especially in linear algebra and numerical optimization, probability theory;

Knowledge of SOTA approaches in basic;

Deep learning tasks (classification, segmentation, detection etc.);

Basic knowledge of classic Machine Learning algorithms;

As a big plus:

Experience with style transfer tasks;

Experience with porting networks to mobile;

Experience with DL models for portrait editing;

Experience with GANs;

Experience with classic computer vision approaches;

Experience with C++;