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Principal Software Engineer, Pricing
Job Description / Skills Required

About the Role
Do you love writing elegant, bulletproof code that solves problems for millions of people everyday? Do you enjoy working with talented and passionate individuals that aren’t afraid to challenge and be challenged in order to produce the best outcomes for their users? 

What You Will Do

  • Working as a Core contributor with your team and product owner to refine and develop the product direction and implementation 
  • Writing great quality, scalable, maintainable code
  • Building and managing fully automated build/test deployment environments
  • Ensuring all code is thoroughly covered by automated tests and that all features meet quality checks before deployment
  • Deploying, monitoring, maintaining and fixing products in production
  • Translate business requirements into scalable and extensible design.Pair with team members on functional and nonfunctional requirements and spread design philosophy and goals across the team
  • Proactively manage stakeholder communication related to deliverables, risks, changes and dependencies

What You Will Need

  • Should at least have 5 years’ hands-on relevant experience
  • The ability to go into depth and breadth across tech stack used in the product vis-a-vis backend services, machine learning, data engineering, mobile, web development, data and analytics, infrastructure
  • Is familiar with basic programming principles such as YAGNI, KISS, DRY, Composition, Inheritance, Open/Closed, SRP. Has intermediate experience with Linux OS and is able to troubleshoot issues
  • Worked on production & distributed systems. Understands why we need to test code and has implemented tests. Able to understand/discuss design and performance trade-offs in complex systems
  • Experience working with Chef, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, etc
  • Refactoring and testing of distributed systems (unit, integration, performance, regression)
  • Awareness of the fundamentals of Data Science/ML principles,Cutting edge features in computer graphics, AI, networking in next-generation computer gaming
  • Architectural lead on high-frequency trading systems or similar data-heavy processing problems
About the Team
The Marketplace team is responsible for making sure that its millions of customers are paired with the right drivers. This supply and demand matching is the core problem that the Gojek platform tackles every day. You’ll learn to understand how data science, finance, operations, and security, among others, work together to solve issues. While it might be a challenge to understand everything at once, it’s also an opportunity to grow your learning curve!