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Moonfrog Labs creates social games for mobile devices.

Principal Software Engineer
Bangalore, IN
Karnataka, IN
Job Description / Skills Required

What you should expect to do in this role?

1. You will be closely working with a small-hybrid team of artists, engineers, product managers and user

experience designers; in a very fast paced environment.

2. You will be developing software; which not only works but also entertains your customers. Thus customer

experience matters most. You are someone who takes deep pride in developing such experiences.

3. You will provide technical mentorship to all engineers in the team and will lead a small group (2-5) of senior


4. You will define and own the complete engineering roadmap for a business unit and will collaborate with

engineering manager(s) to execute that.

5. You will evaluate new ideas, 3rd party sdks and other technologies by making Proof of Concepts.

6. You will perform risk assessments on internally developed software, infrastructure components and submitted

proposals. You will develop and enhance new and existing security-focused tools and services.

7. You are someone who takes full ownership and full accountability of things you build and deliver (from

conception, speccing and design through testing and deployment and post release enhancements).


“Must Have” Past Experience - Candidates must have these three experiences:

1. You are a backend engineer with 7+ years experience in building user facing web and mobile applications.

2. You have worked on distributed systems that handle large traffic volumes and you have a nuanced

understanding of challenges in distributed systems and scalability principles.

3. You have strong command in any one or more of the following languages and frameworks : Java/Scala,

JS/TypeScript+NodeJS, Golang or C++.

4. You have 3+ years of experience working with NoSQL databases, Key-Value stores and Pub-Sub systems.

5. You have 3+ years of experience working with cloud computing platforms like AWS or GCP or Azure.


“Preferred” Past Experience - Candidates with following experience will be preferred over others:

1. Exposure to game engines and game development is a huge plus.

2. A stint in startups (in a tech leadership role : SDE-3/PSE/Architect) or in simillar fast paced environments would

be prefered

3. Experience in leading a small team to execute complex projects would be a plus.


Our interview Process - Our interviewers will test you for the following:

1. Critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills.

2. Mastery over coding and knowledge of common data structures and algorithms.

3. Knowledge of distributed systems and scaling concepts and application of those concepts in designing real-

world systems.

4. Deep understanding of the work you have done in the past and how did you go about doing it.

5. Clarity about your growth aspirations and career plans.