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Pendulum is developing a range of microbiome interventions targeting a variety of human health issues, starting with metabolic diseases, to help improve human health and wellbeing.

Software Engineer
San Francisco, CA, US
Job Description / Skills Required

Pendulum™  is on a mission to help people improve physical and mental health by creating a new category of products that target the microbiome. We are researching, developing and commercializing a novel class of rationally-designed Live SynbioticsTM (probiotics + prebiotics) that have demonstrated clinical efficacy to treat conditions like metabolic syndrome, inflammation and neurodegeneration. Pendulum™  has created proprietary pipelines to build a unique discovery platform that identifies key, novel bacterial strains and the prebiotics that feed them. 
We are a highly collaborative, cross-functional team of scientists, engineers, physicians, marketers and salespeople interested in improving human health by using the latest research from diverse fields, such as microbiology, molecular biology, high-throughput genomics, distributed computing, pharmaceutical development and nutrition. We greatly value individuals' skills in focused, transparent communication, as our team's success depends on it.
If you’re interested in building a new category of products that will help improve the lives of people globally and you love working in a cross-functional, collaborative, inspiring environment, please continue reading!
Pendulum™ is seeking an experienced individual with a strong background in backend engineering and build/release/development operations. As a Software Engineer in a highly cross-functional setting, you will design, build, test, deploy and monitor cloud services for our manufacturing and R&D applications. You will have two types of users, the scientists in the lab with no software engineering knowledge, and the data scientists developing data-analysis workflows and other software products.  We would like to have you in the office for this full-time role, but we are open to remote work and contract-to-hire for the right candidate.

What You'll Do:

    • Develop and manage internal-facing software for high-throughput bioinformatics pipelines written in Python
    • Improving test coverage and automate testing through CI/CD
    • Fix bugs in our data-analysis workflow code 
    • Improve our codebase to make it easier for data scientists to write and debug data-analysis workflows.
    • Coordinate documentation, testing and release of internal-facing web applications, written in python and javascript, and depended upon by our lab and manufacturing teams.
    • Troubleshoot and resolve issues in our dev, test, and production environments
    • Help catch and fix bugs in our python and javascript codebases
    • Improve our infrastructure setup to ensure the smooth running of our internal pipelines and websites
    • Provide documentation and guidance to developers for deployment and testing using docker and deploying to AWS ECS.

Knowledge Requirements:

    • Experienced proficiency with AWS - specifically with Data Analytics
    • 2+ years of Python programming experience
    • 2+ years professional experience setting up and managing AWS containerization (Docker/Beanstalk or other AWS compatible container management)
    • 1+ year(s) of experience writing documentation or engineering SOPs for an enterprise cloud environment setup

About You:

    • Passion for learning and improving yourself and the team around you
    • 3+ years directly related experience in Software Engineering
    • Strong background in Docker, ECS, Linux, Make, Bash
    • Experience reviewing code 
    • Some familiarity with R a plus
    • Experience with other biotech companies a plus
    • Experience with Google Apps Script a plus
    • Experience with continuous builds & deployments as well as continuous integration
    • Experience with data-analysis workflow management software such as luigi, airflow, nextflow (etc.) a plus
    • Comfortable in an environment where your work is self-directed and deliverables will be prioritized based on best judgement 
    • Ability to teach others and willingness to learn new techniques
    • Comfort and extensive experience working in cross-functional teams with multiple internal customers - you’re comfortable approaching others to gather and confirm requirements
    • Desire to be in a cross-functional environment that values work-life balance
    • Good team player who thrives in collaborative environment
    • Belief in transparency and open communication
Pendulum's™  team is as diverse as a healthy microbiome. We welcome all to apply.