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Noom is the behavior change company that's disrupting the wellness industry.

Technical Program Lead
New York City, NY, US
Job Description / Skills Required

Noom Inc. is a leader in mobile health coaching. We combine the power of technology with the empathy of real human coaches to deliver successful behavior change. Our direct-to-consumer mobile applications have reached more than 45 million users worldwide-- and counting. We’ve leveraged our behavior change platform to incorporate the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), and have expanded to programs for diabetes management, pre-hypertension, and hypertension. Our Engineering team is at the forefront of this challenge, solving complex technical problems that center around habits, behavior, and lifestyle.

We are looking for a hands-on Senior Technical Program Manager to join our engineering team, and drive technical execution across the organization.

What You’ll Like About Us:

  • We work on problems that affect the lives of real people. Our users depend on us to make positive changes to their health and their lives.
  • We base our work on scientifically-proven, peer-reviewed methodologies that are designed by medical professionals
  • We’re a respectful, diverse, and dynamic environment in which Engineering is a first-class citizen, and where you’ll be able to work on a variety of interesting problems that affect the lives of real people.
  • We offer a generous budget for personal development expenses like training courses, conferences, and books.
  • You’ll get three weeks’ paid vacation and a flexible work policy that is remote- and family-friendly (about 70% of our engineering team is fully remote). We worry about results, not time spent in seats.

What We’ll Like About You:

  • You have 6+ years experience in the software industry, including 4+ years as an Engineer.
  • You possess deep, strategic knowledge of server-side or full-stack programming, with a focus on performance and scale. Our TPMs are technical people, so you need to enjoy getting into the weeds with other engineers.
  • You possess exceptional communication skills and the ability to clearly explain technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders, as well as stakeholder needs to engineers.
  • You know how to make things happen in a rapidly scaling engineering team, and are able to influence without authority.
  • You have a demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective processes, without sacrificing agility or creating too much friction.
  • You think in terms of the big picture, and are expert at incorporating diverse perspectives, managing conflicting sets of requirements and finding the globally optimal solution to technical problems.