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Eko is a media and technology company pioneering a new medium where viewers shape the story as it unfolds.

Director of Content Production
New York City, NY, US
Job Description / Skills Required

Eko, the pioneer of interactive serial video entertainment, where consumers can shape stories as they are being told, is looking for a Director of Content Production to join its creative team. If you are passionate about working on the cutting edge of both tech and entertainment, read on.

In your role, you’ll be managing all of Eko’s activity from production greenlight through premiere, as well as directly producing some of Eko’s shows.

As production team lead, you will prepare and manage the content production plan based on requirements from the Chief Creative Officer and the Director of Content Partnerships & Development. You will use your deep command of episodic content production to ensure all shows are delivered on time and on budget, while setting realistic expectations for all stakeholders. The successful director of content production will constantly improve production processes, documentation, and tools as needed in order to achieve the plan. As manager, you will mentor the project managers, plan for their growth, and develop the team through new hires in support of business growth.

In addition to leading the production team,  you will also directly manage a number of shows from production budgeting until delivery. To contribute to your success, you will partner with the show’s creative director, as well as an agile team including a creative and technical support specialist, a product manager, and business affairs contacts. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Negotiating and approving show production budgets (including video production and interactive production).

  • Educating and supporting all production partners to produce and deliver premium episodic interactive entertainment. For example, UX/UI and technical processes/requirements for video production partners, or video production processes for the digital partners. Training and support will be provided to the future director of content production as part of the onboarding process.

  • The legal, financial and delivery aspects of the shows: drafting production agreements with Eko’s attorney and seeking full execution; determining and maintaining cash-flow of payments to production partners; gathering and maintaining all deliverables in Eko’s systems.

  • Managing the project management team including hiring and mentoring.


  • Video production budgeting and negotiation experience.

  • Experience developingproducing serial scripted content or serial content productiont.

  • Experience in developing and/ producing video games or interactive storytelling.

  • Excellent traditional project management skills.

  • Detail-oriented and thorough, proactive, quick-thinking, flexible, able to pivot when necessary, patient but tenacious.

  • A G-Suite and Asana enthusiast (Basecamp works too but we use Asana).

  • Teaching or educational experience.

  • High emotional intelligence.

If your comfort zone is in routine tasks, this is not a position you would enjoy. Every show is different and will present different learning opportunities for the right candidate. 

If that sounds exciting - we can't wait to hear from you!


About Eko

We are all artists.

We strap a saddle on chaos, hit “unrealistic” goals, act passionately, help each other flourish, learn quickly, trust our guts, trust each other, speak our minds, believe in a creative approach to everything, and respectfully break and rewrite rules. We are reinventing storytelling forever.

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