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Shmil Levy
Shmil Levy

I will back teams that want to build something significant and shy away from those that want to build a feature and sell for $50m. We are here to take meaningful risks and go all the way.

I draw inspiration from my years in the IDF’s special forces unit and my love of basketball. In both cases being the best means being part of the best team. It’s not about Shmil, we win as Team Sequoia.

Israel is a leader in innovation. I am interested in finding companies that can apply their ingenuity to solve meaningful, global problems.

If all of your investments are successful, then actually it means you didn't take enough risk. I hate failure but failure is part of the job.

Israel has the best technologists and engineers on the planet. We leverage Sequoia’s global assets and help them hire world-class sales and marketing executives.

I worked as an entrepreneur and executive for many years and understand the challenges. I bring this perspective to my work with founders and help them overcome some of the obstacles along the way

As an entrepreneur and CEO specifically, you are essentially on your own. The odds are stacked against you. Belief and willpower will ultimately make you successful.

Make sure you do proper due diligence on the VC you choose. You’re getting much more than money; you’re also getting a business partner who will be there for the duration of the company’s existence. Choose the best one you can.

I am interested in companies that solve a big pain in a large market, but if you have to educate the market, even if the pain is great, it’s not a wise investment.

I like new business models that change the current food chain. Many industries are still waiting for technology to create economic disruption.

Overtime, I believe people will own less and share more. There are already meaningful companies in our portfolio riding this wave but it’s still a massive opportunity. It changes fundamental behaviors across many verticals.

Israel produces amazing technology but we don’t have enough home runs. I am interested in helping talented people fulfil their potential and become market leaders.

We always prefer to be the first money into a company. Our intention is to help entrepreneurs build from the beginning with the right foundations and allow them to create meaningful companies.