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Embark Trucks

Self-driving trucks.

Software Engineer, Data and Infrastructure
San Francisco, CA, US
Job Description / Skills Required

We are a San Francisco based team building self-driving semi trucks. We have raised $117MM in total and are backed by Tiger Global Management ($70MM Series C) and Sequoia Capital ($30MM Series B). We move freight daily between LA and Phoenix using our purpose built transfer hubs. This is an incredibly exciting time for autonomous driving and our team is looking to grow.

The infrastructure team at Embark casts a wide net over Embark's engineering and has a broad impact across the entire stack. Infrastructure is a small team but has a major impact - managing all data engineering efforts for Embark’s petabyte-scale data lake, which powers advanced use cases like simulation, machine learning, and deep analysis of our vehicle’s performance. In addition to that, they build all of the real-time systems that enable remote monitoring of our fleet, including live streaming of video and sensor data over LTE, while also managing Embark’s machine learning infrastructure, continuous integration pipelines, vehicle software platform, and cloud security.

As a software engineer on the infrastructure team, you’ll be expected to work across the entire stack to help architect and maintain all of the systems that make the above possible.

Some of your responsibilities will include:

Maintain the on-vehicle code responsible for data collection, monitoring and real-time communication with our backend systems - supporting use cases such as real-time low-latency streaming of sensors such as camera and LiDAR over LTE - while also building the backend systems that power all of this

Build backend services and APIs to power internal systems like simulation, machine learning, data visualization, and data analytics

Evaluate, architect and deploy new database systems and data pipelines to enable our engineering team to gain richer insights into our data

Build scalable data pipelines which operate over petabytes of autonomous vehicle data to extract useful features, enable advanced queries, and power machine learning pipelines and simulation environments

Deploy, build and maintain infrastructure responsible for ingesting and processing data uploaded from our vehicles at centers across the country. This includes the software and hardware, as well as the operational processes that power the system that ingests terabytes of data daily

Contribute to and maintain our vehicle software platform - the systems which define the execution environment of our vehicles and deploy updates to our vehicles

Your experience might include:

Significant experience with Python, C++, Go, or similar

Managing large Kubernetes clusters powering microservice-oriented architectures

Working with distributed data processing frameworks such as Spark and Hadoop

Working with Amazon Web Services and/or Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Experience with classical relational and NoSQL databases

Working with distributed message brokers like Kafka or RabbitMQ

Experience with configuration management tools such as Ansible, Puppet or Chef

When you apply, address the application to Jacqueline and let me know why you want to join our team.

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