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The fastest courier, transport, food delivery and shopping services provider in Indonesia.

Android Engineer - Mapan
Jakarta, ID
Job Description / Skills Required

You will be joining a great mobile team that will move the product based on metrics. Challenging the PM about what product being built is also part of it. Implementing tech excellence in mobile from the code up to CI/CD and any other aspect related to mobile development.

What You Will Do

  • Responsible for delivering solutions that bring positive impact to low-income communities by hands-on with many up-to-date software technologies
  • Build large-scale and high-performance services to develop simple, easy-to-use products for our unique end customers
  • Design and develop highly maintainable and reliable Android app
  • Coordinate with other teams (UX and Backend team) on building and managing Android app
  • Recognize process or programming inefficiencies, and recommend improvements
  • Responsible for doing R&Ds to explore technology tools
  • Implement tech excellence in Android development environment

What You Will Need

  • Experienced in building end-to-end system, preferably with large user base
  • Experienced in working with app and software design
  • Experienced in working with native app
  • Deep understanding of Android framework
  • Experience developing in Kotlin
  • Attention to detail, particularly around software engineering fundamentals, testing methodologies, and quality
  • Have deep knowledge in UI/UX design to make exceptional consumer-facing apps interfaces
  • Familiar with several Design Patterns
  • Familiar with engineering culture such as pair programming, TDD, CI/CD