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Senior Information Security Associate
Bangalore, IN
Job Description / Skills Required

About the role:
As an Information Security Engineer, we are looking for someone who can plan and execute his/her position and responsibilities with guidance from their manager. Senior Security Associates typically acquire the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to meet the expectations of this level with 2-4 years of relevant industry experience.
This would be a role within Gojek Product Security and as a second-line engineer, this will be mostly to perform manual and automated code reviews, software security testing, and vulnerability assessments for cloud-based tech stack, assist in technical documentation and scripting for automating DevSecOps, besides independently handling product security reviews.

What You Will Do

  • Research and report on information security topics in support of security projects and initiatives
  • Participate in InfoSec meetings under direct supervision
  • Assist senior staff members with security tasks including simple operations and projects
  • Execute and complete basic security tasks
  • Contribute and document security use cases under guidance of senior team members
  • Compile security reports, gather user and system data related to policies and initiatives
  • Learn and operate security tools and perform entry level security operational tasks

What You Will Need

  • At least 2+ yrs of relevant industry experience
  • Software programming skills in <Java, Ruby, GoLang, Scala etc> and microservices application architecture
  • Thorough understanding of OWASP Top 10 for Web, Mobile and APIs
  • Cloud security basics include cloud native tech like K8s, Dockers, etc
  • Usage of Pentest and VA tools like Nessus, Metasploit, Nexpose, nmap, OpenVAS, etc
  • Usage of SAST an DAST tools like OWASP ZAP, BurpSuite etc