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Conversational marketing platform.

Head of EMEA Marketing
London, GB
Job Description / Skills Required

Drift is the Revenue Acceleration platform that combines chat, email, video, and automation to remove the friction from business buying. With Drift, you can start conversations with future customers now, on their terms -- not days later. There are over 50,000 businesses that use Drift today to generate more revenue, shrink sales cycles, and make buying easy. Our mission is to use conversations to make business buying frictionless, more enjoyable, and more human.

About the role and team

Our team is growing faster than ever before. We are expanding our business to have a headquarters in London, UK. Based on the success we’re seeing in the business without dedicated marketing headcount in the region, we are confident this role will be a critical role at helping us to enable our growth in the EMEA region. 

In this role you will:

  • Be the marketing stakeholder in the region partnering closely with the sales organization in the region to understand where they are getting stuck along the customer journey to creating new and expansion business.
  • Communicate your learnings from the partnership with the sales organization back into the product marketing and content marketing teams to help customize and localize customer facing materials for revenue teams in EMEA.
  • Be the demand generation marketing manager responsible for understanding the growth of this region. Wake up every day thinking about what growth levers you can pull in order to fuel expanded growth in the region.
  • Work in collaboration with the marketing operations and analytics team to understand the overall marketing attribution of new business within the EMEA region.
  • Work closely with sales leadership and sales reps to understand where our current growth is coming from doubling down on what’s working and experimenting with new channels to discover new opportunities. 
  • Work closely with the digital marketing team to prioritize the localization of core pages of our website in languages where we are seeing the most growth.
  • Identify field events and strategic sponsorships in the region where we should have a presence in order to further solidify the awareness of our solutions and platform.
  • Work closely with our paid advertising consultant to inform the strategy to acquire more leads (Interested People within ICP accounts) within the EMEA region.
  • Execute programs within the EMEA region that help us to acquire net new marketing and sales professionals, engage existing contacts to have a conversation with our team and accelerate existing opportunities. 
  • Using the established marketing programs happening within the US and Canada understand where that messaging needs to be edited or tweaked to better resonate with the EMEA audience.
  • Collaborate with the Customer Experience team to identify customers that can serve as references and advocates for Drift within the EMEA region and beyond.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all roles are remote until June 2021. Post COVID. this role will be located in our future London office.

In one month you'll

  • Attend comprehensive organization training and learn the Drift story, how we work and our goals for the future 
  • Experience an in-depth product training, including learning how to use the product 
  • Spend time getting to know our customer personas and the value they expect to receive from Drift
  • Learn Drift’s approach to building business engines, and apply your learnings to defining and building the customer marketing team and program at Drift
  • Establish your goals and priorities for the quarter, along with a comprehensive 6 month plan that establishes the growth levers we can pull within the region.
  • Communicate your strategy across the entire marketing team in order to provide visibility and transparency to your work and to also get the team’s partnership on your initiatives.
  • Identify appropriate marketing technologies, systems and processes you’ll need in order to execute your objectives. 

By 3 months you’ll

  • Deeply understand Conversational Marketing Strategy, Revenue Acceleration, the marketing technology industry and Drift’s Personas 
  • Fully understand our internal ecosystem and be able to collaborate cross-functionally
  • Meet with 5 Drift customers within the EMEA  region to understand their journey to becoming a customer as well  as their journey since becoming a customer to identify potential gaps in our strategy. 
  • Create and launch your first program and first campaigns, and have posted your analysis on results
  • Execute a gap analysis of where programs and content should exist across the customer journey, and launch your first programs and offers addressing these gaps
  • Understand how the teams you interface with work and have worked your own workflow into these processes in order to get the deliverables you need. 
  • Share your work on an ongoing basis to marketing, sales and the leadership team in order to provide visibility to your progress on your goals. 

By 6 months you’ll

  • Establish repeatable engines for every key activity on your team
  • Present to the sales and marketing leadership team on your first quarter’s worth of work. 
  • Create a strong repeatable funnel of marketing leads for the sales and SDR organization.
  • Be tightly aligned with the digital marketing team from an advertising as well as a website perspective in order to ensure your priorities are being satisfied in order to achieve your goals. 

By 12 months you’ll

  • Create a comprehensive marketing strategy for growth within the EMEA region.
  • Have built out an org structure and plan that scales as quickly as the business in order to achieve growth.
  • Be interviewing team members to grow the organization at scale. 
  • Advise leaders of other disciplines in marketing about what support is needed in the EMEA region.

About you and what type of skills you’ll need:

  • 8+ years experience working on high impact Marketing role that leads to business growth.
  • 6+ years demonstrated success in working in a demand generation capacity that has tight collaboration with product marketing, customer marketing and content marketing.
  • Experience with enterprise Marketing Automation platforms (preferable Marketo), CRM (preferably Salesforce), and web personalization tools
  • 5+ years of experience bringing a solution to new markets and growing your organization to scale as the business grew.
  • You have range in your writing and creative skills, with experience creating for a strategic executive audience as well as independent contributors. You can easily pivot in tone, production style and topics 
  • Experience in developing innovative and compelling presentations
  • You don’t let things get in the way of achieving your goals, where you find roadblocks you develop ways around them in order to achieve success.

Drift is committed to being an equal opportunity employer. 

We know that applying for a new job can be intimidating. But guess what? At Drift, there is no such thing as an “ideal candidate.” We believe in the power of teamwork -- and in the desire to learn something new every day. We believe in hiring people, not just skills. Take it from our CEO

If this sounds like a company you would like to join and a role you would thrive in, please don’t hold back from applying! Whatever skills you bring to the table or background you’re coming from, we welcome you to start a conversation with us. We need your unique perspective for our continued innovation and success. We’re looking forward to learning more about you!

Drift is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for candidates with disabilities in our recruiting process. If you need any assistance or accommodations due to a disability, please let us know at