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DNA testing

Bioinformatics Scientist
Sunnyvale, CA, US
Job Description / Skills Required

As a bioinformatics scientist at 23andMe Inc. the candidate will work closely with our statistical genetics and computational biology teams to source, curate, and implement relevant and useful annotations to support both 23andMe’s target discovery and consumer facing research efforts. 


  • Follow genetics / bioinformatics literature and attend appropriate conferences to maintain awareness of desirable and state of the art methods for processing bioinformatic data. Provide guidance to other teams on important trends and opportunities.
  • Develop and refine strategy for high performance and scientist-centred data management tools at 23andMe.
  • Develop and maintain interfaces between the 23andMe production backend computing environment and 23andMe research computing environment while protecting customer privacy and consent preferences.
  • Install, test and deploy external tools as needed to support bioinformatics tasks. Design and implement in-house tools when third-party tools are insufficient.
  • Learn existing code and processes for building datasets and performing analyses. Become adept at running these, and help develop sanity checks for the results.


  • Knowledge of core bioinformatics algorithms and tools such as phasing, imputation, GWAS, PRS, alignment, and variant calling.
  • Familiarity with a variety of assays and bioinformatics datasets. Conversant with well known bioinformatics resources such as UK Biobank. 
  • Experience with design and implementation of data warehouses. 
  • Extensive experience with network and encryption tools and techniques, including sftp, rsync, and curl.  
  • Extensive experience and fluency with multiple data storage and retrieval technologies such as MySQL, Postgres, Amazon Redshift, Hadoop, HDFS.  Ability to engineer and tune large scale databases for performant read and write access.
  • Fluency in Linux, bash, R, Python, and occasionally C++ for API, and other languages as needed for API development. Ability to learn complex existing code, make changes when needed, and ensure stability through testing.
  • Experience with Amazon AWS EC2, s3, Batch, and related techniques for multiprocessing in the cloud.
  • Basic knowledge of molecular biology drug discovery and development would be an asset.