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Pendulum is developing a range of microbiome interventions targeting a variety of human health issues, starting with metabolic diseases, to help improve human health and wellbeing.

Data Engineer, Marketing
San Francisco, CA, US
Job Description / Skills Required

Pendulum™  is on a mission to help people improve physical and mental health by creating a new category of products that target the microbiome. We are researching, developing and commercializing a novel class of rationally-designed Live SynbioticsTM (probiotics + prebiotics) that have demonstrated clinical efficacy to treat conditions like metabolic syndrome, inflammation and neurodegeneration. Pendulum™  has created proprietary pipelines to build a unique discovery platform that identifies key, novel bacterial strains and the prebiotics that feed them. 
We are a highly collaborative, cross-functional team of scientists, engineers, physicians, marketers and salespeople interested in improving human health by using the latest research from diverse fields, such as microbiology, molecular biology, high-throughput genomics, distributed computing, pharmaceutical development and nutrition. We greatly value individuals' skills in focused, transparent communication, as our team's success depends on it.
If you’re interested in building a new category of products that will help improve the lives of people globally and you love working in a cross-functional, collaborative, inspiring environment, please continue reading!
Pendulum™ is seeking an experienced individual with a strong background in managing and organizing data pipelines. Your highly technical (and relevant) experience will have strengthened your skills in programming across varying languages and tools to develop a data set process. As a Senior Marketing Data Engineer in a highly cross-functional setting, you will design, build, test, and align Pendulum’s business requirements against internal systems architecture and identify ways to improve data reliability, efficiency, quality and access to different stakeholders. Your primary marketing team customer will be able to derive actionable insights and automate reporting tools to help enable cross-team decision making. Engaging as part of the team is critical, while we’re looking for flexibility from a candidate that is available in-office or for in-person meetings and working sessions, the position will be equally served by candidates that are available working remote.

What You'll Do

    • Initiate business requirements gathering from team leaders who will function as stakeholders or owners of tools within their respective departments
    • Implement an architecture that serves as the data foundation for business reporting through information acquisition via pipeline sources within the organization
    • Be able to implement methodologies that improve and ensure data quality and efficiency regardless of source
    • Build systems infrastructure that allows for loading of data from multiple sources to allow teams to extract value from disconnected data stores
    • Address business questions from the stakeholder groups within and outside of marketing
    • Gain sufficient knowledge to begin prescriptive modeling based on existing (and new) analytic programs
    • Act as a guide to stakeholders to assist in finding patterns hidden within data that is managed within a centralized data foundation
    • Act as a guru to data analysts (internal) to achieve consensus in adopting and promoting industry best practices that are scalable for growth

Knowledge Requirements

    • B.S. in Computer Science, Informatics/Statistics, or a related quantitative field (see additional certifications below)
    • 3+ years experience in Data Engineering or similar role
    • 3+ years experience in processing datasets within cloud-based data warehouses like Amazon Redshift. Expert knowledge in data warehousing architecture and concepts, and data modeling in addition to experience working with EC2/RDS stack components
    • 3+ years of industry experience focused on object-oriented scripting languages such as python, Java
    • 3+ years of advanced practical working experience incorporate relational databases and query authoring (SQL) with experience pipelining from a variety of standards-based databases
    • Experience with API methodologies and data extraction languages
    • Experience with modifying web pages and running Google Analytics and Tag Manager.
    • Experience working with business teams on complex problems and translating them to efficient, scalable and easy to maintain data engineering solutions
    • Plus: Experience with Looker, or other Business Intelligence data visualizations and analytics technologies
    • Absolutely considered – certifications: aCAP or Dell/IBM’s EMCDSA/Professional Certificate or CCA Data Analyst certification in Hadoop or related CDH/5 Cluster
Pendulum's™  team is as diverse as a healthy microbiome. We welcome all to apply.