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Aurora delivers the benefits of self-driving technology safely, quickly, and broadly.

Systems Engineer - Software Integration
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Job Description / Skills Required

Bringing self-driving vehicles to our roads is the most transformative opportunity of our generation. Aurora is taking a fresh start with the development of self-driving technology, combining excellence in AI, rigorous engineering, and a team with decades of experience building robots that work.

Led by a team of seasoned experts, our mission is to deliver the benefits of self-driving technology safely, quickly, and broadly. We are designing the software and hardware to power the transportation of our future that will make our roads safer, give more people access to mobility, and reduce congestion and pollution in cities - improving the quality of life for all. The challenge in what we are endeavoring to achieve is transcendent; we are developing perhaps the world's most complex computing system and asking it to perform the task of transporting and keeping safe our most precious asset: human life.

Aurora hires people who are excited to build the future of transportation. The Systems Engineering team at Aurora is seeking a candidate with expertise in software architecture, engineering, and integration of safety- and mission- critical software systems. The preferred candidate will have emerged from a strong software development background and gravitated towards ensuring that the system-as-a-whole works as expected. The role involves strong collaboration with core software development teams at Aurora as well as the Safety and Hardware teams. A successful candidate will gain the respect of other software engineers in the organization by virtue of his/her SW technical depth and its application to the big picture. This role is highly organized, mission driven, and possesses excellent communication.


  • Produce detailed analyses of desired end-to-end system behaviors in different operational design domains, in terms of performance and safety
  • Understand and help define the complete software architecture for realizing needed system behaviors
  • Identify and implement strategies for representation, maintenance, and reasoning over detailed software architecture and behavior artifacts, including versions and variants
  • Connect systems engineering tools and processes (e.g. Requirements, V&V) with autonomy software source code and devops tools and practices
  • Dive deep with domain experts to understand characteristics and concerns of domain specific software implementations. Write software and interface requirements, facilitate architecture decisions, tradeoff analysis, and bug fix approaches by maintaining a system level overview
  • Develop verification and validation plans against system and SW subsystem requirements. Establish traceability across the system and drive cross-functional discussions to ensure that requirement coverage is achieved for the product 
  • Support technical and strategic planning with key stakeholders such as program management, partners, and founders to develop program plans


  • Minimum 4 years of experience with software architecture, engineering, and integration in safety- or mission- critical systems
  • Experience writing testable software requirements
  • Strong proficiency in C++ and Python
  • Experience evaluating systems relative to automotive safety standards/guidelines  (ISO 26262, SOTIF, MISRA etc.) but not necessarily developing the work products 
  • Strong organizational and communication skills; ability to effectively coordinate efforts and requirements across a large number of stakeholders across the organization
  • BS, MS, or better in Software Engineering or related STEM fields


  • Knowledge of middleware and communication frameworks like ROS, DDS, AUTOSAR
  • Sound grasp of the elements of autonomous driving technology. Detailed expertise in at least one of Perception, Motion Planning, or Simulation is a plus.
  • Familiarity with automotive safety standards such as ISO26262, SOTIF, FMVSS etc. is a plus
  • Ability to win over skeptical-but-talented SW engineers and convince them to embrace solid systems engineering practices :-)

Working at Aurora

Our work has real purpose. Delivering the benefits of self-driving will save lives around the world, expand access to transportation, revitalize cities, and give people time back every day.

We’re one team. We’re inspired by the challenge of what we’re solving and the impact our work will have on society. Our camaraderie is built on respect for our work and the fundamental belief our success will be a result of working together.

The Founding Team

Aurora has assembled the most experienced leadership team in the space. Chris Urmson helped lead Carnegie Mellon’s efforts in Darpa’s Grand Challenges, then was a founding member of Google’s self-driving team. Sterling Anderson developed MIT'S Intelligent CoPilot, then led the team that delivered Tesla Autopilot. Drew Bagnell, also a Carnegie Mellon alum, is a machine learning expert who helped build Uber’s autonomy effort. At Aurora, these three continue to bring experts from all areas of the industry to the team. We are funded by Amazon, T Rowe Price, and some of Silicon Valley’s best venture capital firms, including Sequoia, Greylock and Index Ventures.