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Domino Data Lab

Building the platform that enables thousands of data scientists to develop better medicines, grow more productive crops, build better cars, or simply recommend the best song to play next.

Manager / Sr. Manager, Strategic Finance
San Francisco, CA, US
New York City, NY, US
Job Description / Skills Required

At Domino Data Lab, we have an ambitious vision for data science. Our platform helps data science teams accelerate research, increase collaboration, and rapidly deploy predictive models.  Our customers are the most sophisticated analytical organizations in the world, including companies like Bristol Myers Squibb, Allstate, Bayer, and Red Hat. Backed by Sequoia Capital, Coatue Management, Bloomberg Beta, and Zetta Venture Partners, we are at the epicenter of the data science revolution, helping companies develop the next breakthrough in medicine, build better cars, or recommend the best song play next.

What we are building

The Finance team at Domino embodies a novel approach to people, processes, and technology. We’ve done away with the “old way” of doing things. Excel is great, but we have built an enterprise-grade financial system stack that gives us the freedom to work that matters most paired with the flexibility to do it best. This team is as innovative as the company we are building.

What your impact will be

The Strategic Finance Manager role combines the functions of a data scientist, data engineer, financial analyst, and business partner. You will have the opportunity to make a tremendous impact on a booming business in a dynamic startup environment using data-driven practices. 

What We Look For in This Role

We are seeking an individual who takes initiative and ownership. Expected outcomes are listed below:

First 90 days

  1. Learn the power of Anaplan (source data, build models, create end-user dashboards)

  2. Proficient in data querying language (SQL, Python, R) and data transformation

  3. Learn the business model of a B2B SaaS company. What are the key metrics that demonstrate business value?

  4. Articulate the drivers of our primary sources of non headcount cost (AWS, Sales Commission)

First 6 months

  1. Evidence E2E completion of a problem (source data, model, analyze and present)

  2. Build dimensional data models in a easy to use format for dashboards, self-service analytics

First 9 months

  1. Synthesize fluctuation in our cash flow forecast driven by understanding in our forecasting models and ability to communicate to finance & non-finance audience

  2. Ownership of company metrics package delivered to Company Leadership with demonstrated preparation efficiency gains from baseline

  3. Singularly able to partner effectively with business stakeholders in decision analytics

In 1 Year

  1. Drive financially favorable outcomes with business partners in face of “lets throw money at the problem” using a data driven approach  + skilled communication

  2. Leverage ML techniques to drive more certainty in predicting company financials 


  • Knowledge of SQL or Python or willingness to learn

  • Familiar with Anaplan or other connected-planning software

  • Ability to be coachable and comfortable with direct and transparent communication

  • Unafraid of failure; willingness to learn and continually improve

  • Ability to tell succinct stories using presentation slides flexing detail depending on the audience

  • Ability to be your own product manager (organized, prioritizes efficiently and has honest expectations) 

  • Comfort with a fast-paced, demanding startup environment

What We Value

  • We value a growth mindset and high-performing, creative individuals who dig into problems and see the opportunities for success.

  • We believe in individuals who seek truth and speak the truth and can be their whole selves at work. 

  • We value those that believe improving is always possible. At Domino everything is a work in progress – we can do better at everything. 

  • We emphasize an environment of teaching and learning to equip employees with the tools needed to be successful in their function and the company.

  • We strongly believe in the value of growing a diverse team and encourage people of all backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, abilities, and sexual orientations to apply