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Employee Experience Manager
Job Description / Skills Required

strongDM is a customer-first, second, and third company with a rabid fan base. When was the last time you heard things like:
* Splunk's CISO Joel Fulton says "strongDM gives you what you can’t get any other way -- the ability to see what happens, replay and analyze incidents."
* Chef's co-founder Adam Jacob says "strongDM takes the friction out of getting staff access to the systems they need."
Customers love us because:
The product rocks: strongDM fundamentally changes the relationship between InfoSec, DevOps, and end users. Enforce the controls security needs while making it easier to facilitate access.  
They can trust us: we built a technical product for technical buyers. We do not use jargon. There is no alternative but to always be technically accurate. We are not afraid to admit product gaps.  
We’re real humans: we built a serious product without taking ourselves too seriously. Each member of the team is deadly good at their job, and yet we crack jokes on the phone with customers. 
When startups grow...
... they usually choose one of two recruiting strategies: hire junior people who are willing to run as fast as they can and do whatever it takes to win, or they hire fewer, more experienced people who have done it before, have the war wounds to prove it, and are more methodical in their approach. strongDM chose the latter approach and now that we’ve proven product/market fit, it’s time to reach our full potential at scale. 
We’ve built a unique, mature, distributed culture from day one -- one that we will fiercely protect as we grow but that we will also need to be thoughtful about as we scale because what worked with twelve of us will no longer work as we approach fifty. We’re looking for an in-house sociologist-meets-anthropologist who will meticulously sketch out each step in an employee’s journey with strongDM, from the moment they hear of us, to the moment they offboard, ensuring that each interaction is meaningful and purposeful. We’re looking for an Employee Experience Manager who can build upon the work we’ve already done to make strongDM among the top places to work. And not in the cheesy Top 10 Places to Work type of ways. :)

What You'll Do:

    • In collaboration with our in-house Recruiting team, you’ll work to understand the exact moment that onboarding begins and craft a world class onboarding experience for new hires
    • Discover how technology can bridge the distance between teammates, acknowledging when it can’t and invent opportunities for the team to connect 1:1
    • Find ways to minimize the administrative burden of bringing on new hires to make it as seamless as possible for everyone involved
    • Partner with the Vice President, People to create unique learning and development opportunities that can’t be found elsewhere
    • Determine how we celebrate wins, and more importantly, each other
    • Figure out how to best measure employee engagement and own that score as a badge of honor
    • Ensure that even when someone is parting ways with strongDM, the ties remain...well...strong and they look back upon their time with us with a smile


    • Degree or academic study in sociology, anthropology, psychology or related field
    • 5+ years experience in a fast moving recruitment or human resources team, preferably at early stage startups
    • Previous experience working with confidential information; an eye for detail, a zipped lip when needed and open ears to gather feedback from all involved
    • Experience building teams and an understanding of ever-shifting needs
    • Comfortable working with data -- you’ll own our employee engagement data and will report out on it regularly
    • Organizational excellence -- you live in spreadsheets, love checking boxes, and are enamored with lists


    • Industry-standard base
    • Competitive benefits, including:
    • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
    • 401k, HSA, FSA, short / long-term disability, 3 month parental leave
    • 3 weeks PTO + standard holidays
    • Equity in a fast-growing startup