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Advancing 3D printing.

Senior DevOps Engineer
United States of America
Job Description / Skills Required

Working at the intersection of hardware, software, and molecular science, Carbon is committed to delivering on the promise of 3D printing, enabling commercial customers to go beyond basic prototyping to producing products with real-world applications. With our cutting-edge technology, we are seeing customers innovate and manufacture parts with unmatched reliability, speed, and quality. 
You’ll be joining a close-knit team, working with experts in 3D geometry, web technologies, cloud infrastructure, firmware, and everything in between. We’ve had fun team activities where we escape rooms (real and virtual), play games, and cook delicious food. We also have a variety of employee-started communities at Carbon: baking, bootcamp, yoga, gaming, book club, diversity groups, and many more that you can participate in, and maybe even start your own! 
Carbon’s software stack stretches from printers on factory floors into the cloud, covering print preparation, fleet management, finite element analysis and simulation jobs, computer aided design tools, and more. The DevOps team is focused on cloud infrastructure, but needs a working understanding of the interplay between the systems within and outside the cloud environment. 
We are looking for people who have a passion for delivering an efficient, reliable and automated platform as a foundation for a broad range of software applications to run on top of.
Carbon’s applications are written in Ruby, Python, C++, and TypeScript, so the ability to jump into diverse codebases when needed is key. Similarly, keeping clear lines of separation drawn between components or adding them where beneficial is essential to managing the complexity.


  • Design, build and operate the cloud infrastructure supporting all our productsLead or participate in the "Infrastructure as Code" and automation initiatives
  • Continuously improve the quality and uptime of our services
  • Contribute to a culture of improvement, question assumptions, and own fundamental portions of our infrastructure


  • 5+ years experience building and operating cloud infrastructure (AWS preferred)
  • Solid communication & collaboration skills
  • Strong systems thinking and design skills
  • Strong scripting and/or coding skills (e.g. Bash, Python, JavaScript, etc.)
  • Experience with containerized environments (Kubernetes, Docker, etc.)
  • Experience with automated build/deployment, distributed systems and configuration management systems
  • Experience being on-call and triaging/resolving production issues

Bonus points...

  • Managing large Terraform codebases (using tools, processes, patterns, etc.)
  • Linux system internals/administration (e.g. package management, iptables/nftables, sysctl tuning, debugging SSH issues, etc.)
  • Working in a monorepo, using e.g. Bazel or Buck
  • Network protocols & architecture (DNS, HTTP, gRPC, load balancing, VPC, etc.)
  • Databases (we use PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch)
Carbon team members enjoy working in a newly renovated R&D facility. Our tight-knit team works collaboratively in our open space and in our labs, learns together through our entrepreneurship guest speaker series, and bonds together through catered meals, offsite events, and activities. We also provide complete benefits and competitive compensation including equity ownership.