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Flight Simulation Engineer
United States of America
Job Description / Skills Required

Zipline is looking for someone to own high-fidelity and easy-to-use simulations that are core to developing future generations of lifesaving airplanes. We are looking for someone who can tear down an existing simulation, write in new functionality, and wrap it up in a package that others on the team can incorporate into their workflow without fuss. This requires someone equally comfortable in such things as setting up an adaptive solver for stiff systems, multidisciplinary first-principles modeling, creating variations on models to target different simulation bandwidths, and saving the sim from bloat by finding elegant mathematical/mechanical solutions. Even more important is having a great attitude by which the lives of coworkers are enriched (even when you’re super busy). You should be excited about working very closely with others on the team, including flight controls engineers, systems engineers, and data scientists.
Example projects include...

Building a ground-up 6DOF simulation environment for an aerospace vehicle
Building a lightweight simulation to exercise mission management software
Building a high-fidelity simulation of our next-gen recovery system, which includes an actuated, elastic tether catching a tailhook on an aircraft, with the ensuing aircraft-line dynamics
Minimum experience required

Creating simulations from first-principles
Wrapping simulation systems to for reliable regression testsDeveloping in C/C++ and associated build tools
Using MATLAB, Simulink, and Stateflow for large projects
Coding in Python, Julia, or a similar high-level language
Strongly valued experience

Control design
A breadth of simulation tools
Aircraft mechanics